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Naruto Spin off Manga Review – Orochimaru’s son Mitsuki’s Origin

Naruto Spin off Manga

Naruto Spin Off Manga Review – Boruto Manga series sequel to the original Naruto Manga series going to make its first debut in May, the Manga is drawn by Masashi Kishimoto’s assistant and Kishimoto himself is assisting with the story. It was announced that Kishimoto will write a spin off manga which is originally a oneshot manga which tells how Mitsuki became orochimaru’s son and from where did he came from. Finally i got to read the spin off today, so i decided to review the oneshot manga.

Naruto spin off Manga review – Mitsuki’s origin

As i said that this Manga tells us about Mistuki’s origin, So before giving my opinion i would like to review the story of this oneshot spin off manga.

Naruto Spin off Manga - Mitsuki in Hideout
Naruto Spin off Manga – Mitsuki in Hideout

During night time Mitsuki wakes up at orochimaru’s hideout in an injured condition. Orochimaru gives him his medicine and tells Suigetsu to bring him to his room. Apparently mitsuki doesn’t remember anything including his own name because of Amnesia. On the way back to his room Suigetsu explained that he is a shinobi and he went on a top secret mission with orochimaru which turned into a failure as the guy they were after whose name is log stole his memories as a result orochimaru has to bring him back to this hideout.

He tells that Orochimaru is disappointed in him, and moreover your entire existence is special to him as you are his son. But Mistuki doesn’t remember a single thing, Suigestu attacks Mitsuki, with an intension of testing him as a result he confirms that even if Mitsuki has lost his memories, his body still remembers the way he used to fight and the fact that he is a shinobi.

In Orochimaru’s room, Orochimaru tells Mitsuki that they will chase that guy once again and along the way they will retrive his memories because, his memories contains all top-secret information that should not be leaked. As Mitsuki is desperate to know more about himself and want to regain his memories, he tags along with orochimaru. Log’s hideout had a barrier casted on its entire surrounding, The reason why Mitsuki tagged along with Orochimaru on the same mission earlier because he had barrier breaking ability. Since Mitsuki has lost his memories he was not aware of this ability and also forgot the way to use it. Because of which Orochimaru teaches him and he manages to break the barrier.

Log on the other hand notices that Orcochimaru and Mitsuki has came to confront and capture him. Orochimaru gets in battle with log and tells Mitsuki to act his backup, but Orochimaru gets captured and devoured by log, but before that he tells Mitsuki that he has sage powers so the rest is up to him, Mitsuki scared and baffled can’t figure out anything. As log gets ready to attack Mitsuki, Orochimaru slips out of log’s body and manage to give him poison that will paralyze him. He binds log and tells Mitsuki to keep watch on log and tells him to not go near log whatever happens, and Orochimaru in the meantime searches log’s hideout that he for a certain thing.

Naruto Spin off Manga - Adult Mitsuki
Naruto Spin off Manga – Adult Mitsuki

While Log tells Mitsuki that Orochimaru is deciving him, and tells Mitsuki to remove Log’s mask, Mitsuki removes and sees that log has same face as Mitsuki. Log tells Mitsuki that his true name is Mitsuki and Mitsuki who is suffering from memory loss is the clone of log. Log and Mitsuki are both born from one Embryo, Orochimaru is searching the hideout for that Embryo from which they were born. Log stole Embryo from Orochimaru because he wanted to destroy it once and for all as he doesn’t wanted Orochimaru to create more Mitsuki clones.

Naruto Spin off Manga Mitsuki - Sage Mode
Naruto Spin off Manga Mitsuki – Sage Mode

Orochimaru arrives and says that – regardless of whatever way you two were born, you two are my most beloved children, is it truly wrong for Ninja to have his own child? If there is one single thing for which all humans should be forgiven is – “Acting out of love,” isn’t it? The adult Mitsuki (log) tells that Orochimaru is wrong and deceiving him (second Mitsuki) and should not listen to his words and take action to stop Orochimaru, While Orochimaru says that log wish to make use of your childish innocence, and tells second Mitsuki to come with him. Second Mitsuki activates the sage mode and tells that he will choose his own path. He takes the Embryo scroll with him.

Naruto Spin off Manga - Boruto the sun
Naruto Spin off Manga – Boruto the sun

It was then revealed that first Mistuki (log) Orochimaru and Suigetsu made this whole act, so that a synthetic human being Mitsuki could choose his own path, They made 5 attempts and their objective was achieved on 6th attempt. Orochimaru was giving him medicine which takes away memory, So that Mitsuki can have a fresh start, though he does not wanted to make a 7th attempt as Orochimaru also not liked the fact that he was giving his son a medicine which robs his memory. The scroll that second Mitsuki took with him contained the photo of Boruto which was termed as “Sun,” and his mission was to achieve that scroll and follow the things written in it i.e Stay with Boruto forever and protect him and this is how Mitsuki will become Moon with his own light that will illuminate the darkness.

The Opinion

As Orochimaru witnessed first hand how Sasuke chose his own path and decided to protect Konoha along with Naruto, Orochimaru received went through a change of heart because of which he created his own son and made this whole elaborate act so he can choose his own path that he can walk on proudly.

This chapter itself showed how big was the change for Orochimaru, and i guess he understood what the true meaning of life is. Since Naruto and Sasuke defeated Madara and Kaguya at the end of the 4th great ninja world war. The world became peaceful as five great shinobi nations came together to create this peace. As a result there was no war between villages.

Orochimaru his whole life thought of becoming immortal and destroying Konoha and change the world. His achieved this kind of mentality because he was born in time where Shinobi nations always had wars in between them. He saw deaths of his parents and his loved ones and death of his friends and their relative because of which he thought that there is no meaning to life and immortality is the answer to everything. But he witnessed Sasuke choosing different path, made him realize that he was wrong. So to make up for everything he did he created Mitsuki. With hope that Mitsuki would do all things he was not able to do!

Wrapping up

Overall this oneshot spin off manga chapter was pretty good, which gave pretty brief explanation on Mitsuki’s origin and also the reason on – “Why Orochimaru created Mitsuki?” well we did receive an answer to this question but not in much detail, but the above opinion i gave might be one of the possibility of Orochimaru creating Mitsuki.

Overall Chapter Rating

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