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One Piece Episode 734-738 Review – Enter Luffy vs Four Emperors?

One Piece episode 734-738

One Piece Episode 734-738 Review – So one piece finally wrapped up with its dressrosa arc and truly it was one of the lengthiest arc of one piece ever! Although when you consider the pace of one piece episodes, then it safe to say that the arc was extended. I think its one of the best strategy to avoid fillers since the anime series is too close to Manga, so what they did is they animated only one chapter per episode. Originally it was two chapter per episode. Although this might feel annoying but one of the best thing about this strategy is that you can immediately start the next arc once the on-going arc is finished and the same thing happened with Dressrosa arc today!

One Piece Episode 734-738 review

So at the end of the dressrosa arc we got a brief review on sabo’s lifestyle in revolutionary army, but before getting to that story allow me to review what happened before that i.e from episode 734-736, since the last review i gave you on one piece was regarding episode 733 which showed conclusion of luffy vs doflamingo fight. If you are interested in it you can read it here –¬†Luffy vs Doflamingo conclusion.¬†Right now i won’t go into much of a detail and will quickly summarise what happened in these 3 episodes (734-736) although i will focus on some highlighted events that happened in these episodes.

One piece episode 733 - Kong Gun
One piece episode 733 – Kong Gun

It goes without saying that when luffy defeated doflamingo people of the dressrosa celebrated its freedom that was gained after 10 years. For some people it was a struggle for freedom for which they were fighting for since last 10 years. After the battle, the navy captured doflamingo and his crew and this time he was permanently stripped from his rank of shichibukai.

One Piece episode 734-738 - Sabo vs Burgess
One Piece episode 734-738 – Sabo vs Burgess

On the other hand Sabo was dealing with Burgess from blackbeard crew who was after Sabo’s life and the mera mera no mi devil fruit (Flare flare devil fruit). Sabo deals with Burgess, and then scene moves towards king riku where lots of people beg him to be the king of dressrosa once again but king riku thinks that he was unable to protect dressrosa so he don’t have the right to be the king. Admiral fujitora takes everything in to consideration since last 10 years and makes one fateful decision.

One Piece episode 734-738 - Fujitora bowing head
One Piece episode 734-738 – Fujitora bowing head

Before reporting the incident to navy headquarters, he decides to broadcast the news and the tragedy to the three neighbouring kingdoms. So he does that, and on top of it he apologized king riku by bowing his head in front of him and said that it was navy who should have saved dressrosa but unfortunately it was not navy that saved dressrosa, it was all law and strawhat luffy. Due to Shichibukai system, Doflamingo ruled dressrosa and did so many shady things. Navy overlooked all the things and we are deeply sorry for that. Fujitora’s words and his action spread throughout the world like a wildfire.

One Piece episode 734-738 - Akainu
One Piece episode 734-738 – Akainu

The news also reaches Holy land Marijoas, where Akainu and Gorosei were having their meeting. So when Akainu hears everything that happened on dressrosa and fujitora’s action he is fumed with anger and has a wordly battle with fujitora, and that scene is a worthy watch. In anger Akainu orders Fujitora that he won’t step into any government’s office anywhere in the world unless he brings trafalgar law and Monkey D. Luffy’s head.

One Piece episode 734-738 - CP0
One Piece episode 734-738 – CP0

The scene movies towards luffy and his friends, they rest at kyros place, where sabo comes to meet them. Since CP0 comes to catch people from the revolutionary army they don’t have much time, as sabo wishes to see luffy’s face before leaving. There he tells the story about him and his whereabouts and why he was not able to help luffy in times of need.

One Piece episode 734-738 - Sabo Kid
One Piece episode 734-738 – Sabo Kid

While sabo was leaving Goa Kingdom alone on his small ship when he was kid, a celestial dragon shot his ship. As sabo was drowning at the sea shore, Luffy’s dad dragon saved him and brought him to the ship of the revolutionary army. It was then confirmed that Dragon has ate devil fruit which has the power of wind, he can manipulate wind at his own will, although it was clearly confirmed that he has devil fruit power of wind earlier two times in the series. First was when he saved luffy from smoker at log town and the second confirmation was during the time when he saved people from the slums of Goa kingdom during great fire.

One Piece episode 734-738 - Sabo Training
One Piece episode 734-738 – Sabo Training

The revolutionary army treated Sabo but then they found out that he has lost his all memories and don’t even remember his name, Since his name was written on his belongings so it was easy for him to understand his name was Sabo. Although Sabo did not remembered anything from the past, he remembered one thing and that is – He don’t want to go back to his home and so that’s how he joined the revolutionary army. As luffy and ace were growing, Sabo too was growing in the revolutionary army, despite the loss of memories his body remembered how he used to move and fight, well thanks to the immense experience in fighting he got while he was staying with ace and luffy.

One Piece episode 734-738 - Sabo Revolutionary Army
One Piece episode 734-738 – Sabo Revolutionary Army

Sabo soon became the chief staff of the revolutionary army, along with his growth the fragments of his memory were returning slowly but he got a good shock when he finds out that his brother fire fist ace died in the war of the best at marineford. And thanks to that shock his memory returned, For sabo he thinks that Ace helped regaining his memories and since Luffy has already lost his brother, he became determined to protect luffy at any cost and also make up for the past 10 years. He requested revolutionary army that he will aquire ace’s devil fruit at dressrosa and then he met luffy at colosseum and took luffy’s place in the competition who disguised himself as lucy.

One Piece episode 734-738 - Sabo and Luffy
One Piece episode 734-738 – Sabo and Luffy

After that Sabo left dressrosa, in the meantime Fujitora makes his mind to capture luffy and that’s where the episode ends. As this episode marked the end of the dressrosa arc, in next episode preview we got a confirmation that One Piece Anime series is going to enter “Zou Arc” from next week. Since Strawhats splits into two groups, the first group Luffy, Zorro, Robin, Ussop, Franky and Kienmon stays on dressrosa to fight doflamingo and the second group Sanji, Brook, Chopper, Nami and Kinnouske with hostage ceaser clown went to Zou, where they confront with Big Mom’s ship. The next week’s episode will show what happened to the second strawhat group on Zou and will also show the first entrance of Kaido the beast.

The opinion

Dressrosa arc sure became exciting the moment luffy entered gear fourth and then at the end lots of crazy things happened. It was great to know about Sabo and his days in revolutionary army, though episode 737 and 738 which was related to Sabo were extended they didn’t felt slow as compared to other episode as they were managed with perfect pacing.

From the next week onwards one piece anime series is going to enter the stage of craziness as lots of important details will be revealed, for eg :- Sanji’s origin and finally One Piece secret, Luffy’s crew will also grow from 10 members to 3500 members.

If you love spoilers than you can read the following details from Manga here –

So its safe to say that one piece anime series is finally entering one of the hyped arc which will be longer than any of the one piece arc and the name of that arc is Luffy vs Four Emperors. No more boredom in One Piece as the secrets to the great treasure One Piece hidden by pirate king Gol D Roger, are soon going to be revealed.

Wrapping up

As One Piece anime series will enter new arc from next week, this could change the tides forever and bring one piece anime series back to its previous glory. Because i am reading manga, so i know that there is not a single boring thing in this new arc and each chapter reveals some crazy things.

Overall Episode Rating

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