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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Episode 1 Review

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney also known as Gyakuten Saiban Sono Shinjitsu Igi Ari in Japanese, made its debut today, the Anime series is based on game and sticks to the game. Meaning, when you will watch the episode you will feel like you are watching a video scene from a game. Just like everyone i was hyped for the Anime too and i thought the Anime would have a great start but i guess i was wrong here, the first episode itself was underwhelming and everything was made so obvious right from the start.

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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Episode 1 Review

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney - Ryuuichi
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney – Ryuuichi

The Story is based on “Naruhodo Ryuuichi” a rookie lawyer, He decided to make his debut as a lawyer by taking a murder case in which his childhood friend was framed. According to Ryuuichi he took this murder case as his first case to make his debut as a lawyer because his friend who was framed was the main reason why Ryuuchi became lawyer, his friend was the one who inspired to be the lawyer and believing he was innocent he decided to take this case in his own hands to defend him.

Well, that’s how the episode should have started but it was completely opposite. To make the episode tricky and interesting these are the two things that one must do :-

  1. Its a basic thing that mysteries should be revealed at the end
  2. If mysteries are revealed at the start then the road to the solution of those mysteries must be tough.

Well the episode 1 of phoenix wright ace attorney failed to do both these things. In detective conan there were episodes where culprit were revealed at the start of the episodes. I thought such episodes would be disappointing since they are already revealing who is the culprit. But in fact those were the most interesting episodes I’ve ever watched and the reason for those episode to be interesting was – Even though we knew who the culprit was providing the solution to how the crime was committed and the perfect evidence was tough and challenging.

In episode one of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, They revealed the real culprit at the start of the episode and who then decided to frame Ryuuchi’s friend. Well he succeeds in doing that and soon we see the case in the court. Friend’s testimony is taken and after few minutes the opposition lawyer calls an eye witness and according to him he saw Ryuuichi’s friend coming from the victims room and that eye witness was none other than the real culprit. So Naruhodo Ryuuichi questions the eye witness who came to prove that his friend is the real culprit but in return he makes mistakes and because of which it becomes easier for Ryuuichi to convince and prove it to everyone that the eye witness itself is the real culprit.

The Scene
The Scene

The studio tried to make the episode interesting by showing how Ryuuichi never misses to point out odd and crucial points and suspicious and every small details and then how he uses that information to cross question the witness. Because of which it becomes obvious that the way he tries to solve the case is just like how detectives do. It almost feels like he relies less on evidence and tries to solve the case by the statements the witness gave. I won’t say that a lawyer doesn’t need to act like a detective but in some cases situations might occur in which the evidence a lawyer has is not enough to solve the case at that time he needs to act like detective to solve the cases and the studio showed that perfectly in this episode but the case itself was easy so there was no need to show the main character act cool in fact they should have shown him winning the case with breeze.

That’s because the episode clearly showed that the person who committed murder was the eye witness and he in fact was an amateur. He was not some kind of serial killer he was just a house raider who stole the things from the houses of the people once they are out. So when he was stealing things from victim’s house the victim returned home while he was stealing things and witnessed him. So in order to stop her from screaming he murdered her and framed Ryuuichi’s friend. So in short it was a murder done in haste and there were many clues left with the help of which it could have been easily proved that the eye witness itself was the murder.

Ryuuichi also received a lot of help from his mentor Ayasato Chihiro who accompanied him in the court room but considering this was his first case it was obvious that he would face problems so receiving help from his mentor was actually not a bad thing in fact it helped his character development.

What this episode lacked was the feel you get from a mystery anime. Even though its an anime based on lawyers there should have been a decent amount of mystery in the episode but there wasn’t a single thing which would have made the episode more challenging. Instead of watching anime i was getting a feeling that we are watching a game.

The Judge
The Judge

The judge of the court was looking like he straight came out of harry potter i mean he was wearing clothes like wizard wears and was old bald guy with a long beard.

The Opposition
The Opposition

The opposition lawyer who was against Ryuuichi was doing nothing but standing and watching the trial and the objections he made also made no sense. Also i felt that the anime focused more on the comedy rather than the case and the overall trial. I felt that i was watching anime that is based on court-comedy.

In a true a way this was the worst first episode of the new series i have ever watched. But still this series made me curious and it was not the episode itself but the preview of the second episode that was indeed unexpected and breath taking. I mean you would not expect such good preview from the series whose first episode itself had a poor start.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney - Ayasato Chihiro
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney – Ayasato Chihiro

At the end of the first episode Ryuuichi’s mentor Ayasato Chihiro a female attorney who i thought would be the female protagonist of the episode gets murdered and the second episode is completely dedicated to that case. During Ryuuichi’s debut case she accompanied with him and i thought she would become the great supporting character but getting murdered right at the end of the first episode was quite surprising because of which this anime made me curious.

Animation and Character design

I had no problem with Animation and Character design it was well done, they still left the feeling of game inside the anime and i liked that. Although the one thing i didn’t liked is the over exaggerated special effects when Naruhodo Ryuuichi points his finger and says objection..

Wrapping up

Certainly Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney had a poor start and it made me feel like i should not watch this series but lets not jump the gun because the ending just left me clueless and made me restless. The second episode will be worth watching and it all depends on that if its ok to continue the series or not..

Overall Anime Rating

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