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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Episode 2 Review

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney - Ryuuichi

Phoenix wright ace attorney episode 2 review – I know i am to late to give review on episode 2 of phoenix wright ace attorney, the major reason is that i was wondering that i should write a review or not, because if you read my previous review on episode 1 – Read Now , i mentioned that episode 1 had a pretty bad start and the end showed quite a surprising climax, so i decided to stick to the anime. Well i expected that my point of view regarding the Anime may change and guess i was right, i thought, since they showed some improvement, it will be ok to write a review.

Phoenix wright Ace Attorney Episode 2 Review

Although the second episode was better than the first episode but the percentage of improvement is not what i expected, i  expected low improvements but the improvements done in the episode are higher then what i expected. They made this episode fairly challenging. Episode 1 end showed that Ayasato Chihiro, Naruhodo Ryuichi’s mentor and superior was murdered, Episode 2 showed continuation of what happened after that. This time in second episode they did good job of concealing the killer’s identity.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney - Ayasato Chihiro
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney – Ayasato Chihiro

Second episode start with Ayasato Chihiro talking with her sister Mayoyi Chihiro on phone, She wanted Mayoyi to take care of the evidence of the case showed in the episode one (the thinker clock). Also she plans a dinner with her at 9PM and she invites Ryuichi for the dinner too so they plan to meet in the office, a suspicious guy was hearing this conversation through a radio, which clearly showed that he was spying on the conversations that took place in Chihiro’s office and was waiting for the right chance to killer her.

Ayasato Chihiro - Murdered
Ayasato Chihiro – Murdered

As Naruhodo visits office at night 9PM he saw Chihiro on the ground and she was unconscious though later he confirmed that she was dead, he also notices that Chihiro’s sister Mayoyi who was besides her scared and shocked before he could asks anything to her the police arrives at the crime scene, they discovered the piece of paper where Mayoyi’s name was written on the blood seeing that police declared case closed an arrested Mayoyi, they even asked Naruhodo to accompany them so they can file a report.

Since how the police declared the case is closed and arrested her when they saw the piece of paper on which the name of her little sister was written, i was convinced that police inspector is good for nothing and he is not using the 90% remaining potential of his brain and the behaviour of police made this more obvious. Even the police in Detective conan and Kindaichi case file are tolerable but the police in Phoenix wright ace attorney, for them even “Facepalm” would not be enough.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney - Mayoyi Chihiro
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney – Mayoyi Chihiro

Next day Naruhodo went to meet Mayoyi and ask her permission to defend her where he get to know that both Chihiro and Mayoyi are spiritual mediums (omnyouji) and Chihiro was a skilled one and Mayoyi is still in training, It was pretty shocking for Naruhodo, after that he asks Mayoyi that he could defend her, but instead he found out Mayoyi doesn’t trust him and tells him that she want Chihiro’s mentor Hoshikage to defend her, when asked why? She answered – “My sister told me to contact her mentor whenever she is in trouble.” Naruhodo visits the mentor’s office and chihiro’s mentor agrees to defend Mayoyi. On his part Naruhodo continues to investigate and for the first time in the entire episode it was revealed that Mayoyi was not the first witness, in fact she was the second witness and Naruhodo was the third one.

Phoenix Wriight Ace Attorney - Hoshikage Saranosuke
Phoenix Wriight Ace Attorney – Hoshikage Saranosuke

The sudden arrival of the police on the crime scene – It seems the first witness was the one who called them, because of which Naruhodo was convinced that the first witness is suspicious, he asks Mayoyi why was she on the crimes scene so early, Mayoyi tells him that her sister wanted her to take care of the evidence (thinker clock) so she came early and that conversation was recorded on the phone and she dropped that phone somewhere, Naruhodo comes back to office to investigate where he finds the phone and he also hears the call recording on Mayoyi’s phone that time police inspector visits the crime scene where Naruhodo asks him some question indirectly to get the information he needs and he also finds out that genius attorney Mitsurugi Reiji is in the prosecution . Now that Naruhodo have all the information he needs, he investigate the hotel room of the first witness (apparently she is a lady) where he finds out a wireless radio, because of which he becomes convinced that the lady was involved in the murder.

Phoenix Wriight Ace Attorney - Misturugi Reiji
Phoenix Wriight Ace Attorney – Misturugi Reiji

In the meantime the murder calls Chihiro’s mentor and tells him to stay away from this case, looks like Chihiro and her mentor and the murderer had quite a past because of which Chihiro was murdered. Naruhodo soon finds it out being depressed he asks every talented attorney to defend Mayoyi but no one was ready to help. Naruhodo tells everything to Mayoyi, she feels abandoned but soon notices that Naruhodo has been running all the time to do everything he can in order to defend her and seeing that she then asks Naruhodo to defend her. The scene turns towards the courtroom where Naruhodo waits as Mitsurugi enters the courtroom and that’s where the episode ends.


As i mentioned earlier they made the second episode fairly a challenging one, although i didn’t expect Ayasato Chihiro to die this early. She became my favorite character of the series, so i expected her to stay more. But she does die in the game early, and since the anime is 100% sticking to the game then her death in episode 2 was no surprise.

If she would have stayed alive, it would have been hard to show Naruhodo’s character development since Naruhodo was working under her. So if author wanted to show Naruhodo on center stage then, showing Chihiro’s death was the right choice.

One of the most surprising thing for me in this episode was the scene where Mayoyi says that she is a spiritualistic medium in training ( a person who can talk with spirits or something like this or an omnyouji maybe) and Chihiro was the skilled one and had the highest powers.

Also another thing i forgot to mentioned is that Mitsurugi Reiji and Naruhodo Ryuichi seems to know each other, since at the end of the episode Reiji asks Ryuichi “what are you doing here?” Anyways, killing Ayasato Chihiro right in the second episode to develop the character of Naruhodo Ryuichi also the murderer this time is a person is deeply attached to Chihiro’s past as he tells Chihiro’s mentor to stay away from the case and tells her not to defend Mayoyi made this episode a pretty dark one, although there are few negative things but the improvement done in the episode overshadows it.

Wrapping it

Though i was planning to drop the series right after episode 2 this show has forced me to stick to it even further with some really great plot development.

Overall Episode Rating

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