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Sousei No Onmyouji Episode 1 Review

Rokuro - Eyes

Sousei No Onmyouji – Just like Boku No Hero Academia, Sousei No Omnyouji is one of the anime that we have been waiting since last year. The action packed series which consists of romance, action, friendship, betrayal , tragedy, emotional scenes a dark plot and badassness, in short its a complete package.


Rokuro dreams of becoming anything but an exorcist! Then mysterious Benio turns up. The pair are dubbed the “Twin Star Exorcists” and learn they are fated to marry. Can Rokuro escape both fates? When Rokuro’s best friend Ryogo goes missing, Rokuro is forced to ask Benio for help to enter Magano, the realm of the evil Kegare, to rescue him!

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Sousei No Onmyouji Episode 1 Review

The first episode of the series is slightly different than what it was shown in the first chapter of Manga, wait that doesn’t mean the studio screwed up the entire story right from the start. Well i did said that its slightly different from Manga but that doesn’t affect the overall story and in fact the slight modifications done in the episode are better! In my review i will compare the episode with the first chapter of Manga so you will know what’s different in the Anime.

Sousei No Onmyouji - Hinatsuki Tragedy
Sousei No Onmyouji – Hinatsuki Tragedy

The first episode starts with showing us the glimpse of the tragedy that happened with the Main character Rokuro when he was just a 12 year old kid, then it moved introduction of Adashino Benio who is getting ready to move to Tokyo from her dormitory (home) at Kyoto. Her caretaker tells her that she would be moving to the exorcists dormitory in Tokyo but there are only 3rd grade exorcists living in that dormitory except a certain person who she suspects that he is even more powerful than Benio.

After that the scene moves towards Rokuro, who got rejected by a girl once again and this time the reason for rejection was he is too childish and there is nothing good about him, Rokuro ran away, at that time he meets Mayura on the way, Mayura is his childhood friend and he asks her “is there anything good about him?” Then she says, “You can eat anything and term it as delicious, you know difference between right and left etc..”

Enmado Rokuro
Enmado Rokuro

After that Rokuro runs away where he meets Benio who is falling from the sky, but the reason for “Why she was falling from the sky?” is because she was fighting some Kegare (Impurity) in Magano whom she met at train station at Yokohama. After meeting Benio, Benio asks him the address of the place she wants to go but Rokuro himself get lost, but not soon after that they meet a Impurity and Rokuro finds out that the girl he met just now is in fact an exorcist. After defeating a couple of impurities in the world of Magano, Benio encounters an impurity which is way out of her league. Rokuro who is forced use his powers of exorcist as he sworn he would never fight a Kegare. Although Benio found his powers as something amazing, Rokuro says his powers are nothing but a curse.


Even though first episode is slightly different than first chapter of Manga but in fact its better, the reason why i said this because – The first chapter of Manga doesn’t focus on the introduction of Adashino Benio, Like she is from Kyoto and she was summoned to Tokyo to live in different dormitory. The reason for “why she was falling from the sky?” was also not showed. Benio’s fight with Impurity at Yokohama train station was also not showed in the first chapter.

Adashino Beno
Adashino Beno

You can say the first chapter of the Manga majorly focuses on the introduction of the Main character Rokuro because originally Impurity which occurs at Yokohama, actually appears at persons house and possess a child, It was Rokuro’s grandfather and his brother who exorcise the impurity (this was showed at the start of the chapter 1) the scene where Mayura console Rokuro after his rejection was actually a scene where Rokuro comes home and his brother says those words which Mayura says to Rokuro after the rejection. Also Benio didn’t said any attack name in Manga but in Anime they gave fancy names to her attack.

Sousei No Onmyouji
Sousei No Onmyouji – Benio eating ohagi

So as you can see the above two paragraphs tells the difference between Anime episode and Manga chapter but other than that there is no modification. And to be honest this slight difference doesn’t affect the episode and the overall story i.e only 10% from the original chapter is modified the remaining 90%  of the chapter is same. In other words the episode showed the introduction of both the Main characters which showed their different life styles and the sense of justice.

Since i have read the Manga two days ago, i can say clearly that i liked the Anime and Manga both, i assume this slight modification will continue in future episodes too and if that does happen, i hope they won’t modify the complete story like they did with Akame Ga Kill, i want the studio to keep the modification limited just as they did with first episode because of this slight modification you get the feeling that you are completely watching a new series even though you have read the Manga.

Animation and Character designs

The Animation is damn awesome and highly polished, but the colors of Magano and the fight scenes are little bright, it would have been better if they lowered the brightness but it doesn’t give you eye-problems. The character designs are extremely close to the Manga character designs.

Wrapping up

Sousei No Onmyouji Anime series and Manga both delivers some insane quality content, the story of the series is dark and you will encounter numerous twist every one or two episode. One of the good thing about the story is that its made such a way that every chapter/episode you will encounter something new and it doesn’t waste anytime and gets straight to the point one after the other, because of which despite being a monthly manga it has managed to gather enormous fanbase around the world in mere 30 chapters. Anyways the roller coaster ride is just getting started, i will highly recommend to watch this series and i bet it will not disappoint you.

Overall Episode Rating


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