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Bitter Blood Drama Review – Romance Action Comedy Mix

Bitter blood Drama

Bitter Blood Drama – So am still on the way of completing my drama list. As i was on vacation for six days i had no chance to watch any anime series/drama/movies. But yesterday night i binge watched a certain drama which goes by the name “Bitter Blood” and is also known by its other name “Partners by Blood.” The main lead role is played by Sato Takeru who is known for his excellent work in the Live Action Movie of Bakuman and Rurouni Kenshin.


A rookie detective, Sahara Natsuki (Sato), is assigned to the Investigation division of Ginza police station, and there, he has a reunion with his father and veteran detective, Akimura Shimao (Watabe Atsuro), who he has become estranged from after his parents’ divorce. They happen to become partners with each other, and while opposing his father, Natsuki begins to learns more about how to be a detective from his father.

Bitter Blood Drama Review

To be honest, i was not expecting much from this drama as the summary was pretty simple. I decided to watch this drama for Sato Takeru who became my personal favourite actor after i watched Rurouni Kenshin and Bakuman. But this drama was way beyond what i was expecting and surprisingly it was unbelievably entertaining.

Bitter Blood
Bitter Blood

Sato plays the role of “Sahara Natsuki” a rookie detective, who is reunited with his father at the detective’s office on his first day and it turned out his father was his new partner also he was his senior from whom he will learn what it takes to be detective. As Sato thinks that his father was the one who abandoned him and his sister and left them but as the story progresses he slowly finds out more about his father and thus they become close to each other. On the surface this drama shows that its all about a father and son relationship, but its more than that. The story is deep and is a complete package of comedy action emotions and romance.

At one point you will start to think that “OMG! This is so funny,” then it will turn dark or will become more serious and then it will become emotional and then suddenly romantic. These unchanging pattern is they key structure of the show that will make you watch the show till the end and also it was the main reason for my binge watching.

The father and son relationship between Watanabe Atsuro and Sato Takeru is well executed and to be honest they look like a real father and son. One of the best thing about the execution of the father and son relationship is that there won’t be a second where you will think that Watanabe Atsuro and Sato Takeru don’t look like real father and son at all. On the other hand it will make you envious of the relationship and bond that those two showed in this drama.


Sato Takeru and Watanabe Atsuro, the acting done by those two is excellent and on the contrary its so excellent that it overshadows the acting of other supporting members of the show!


Not much of fighting or any action scene. Although there is something shown in this series which is also known as “Submissive fighting.” Its a type of fight usually done by police officers to make criminal submit.


Great comedy! It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this drama is one of the best comedy detective drama i have ever watched.


Romance actually don’t play a big role in this drama. At first you won’t even realise that there is any romantic relationship between main lead hero of the drama Sato Takeru who plays the role of Sahara Natsuki and main lead heroin of the drama Kutsuna Shiori who plays the role of Maeda Hitomi. But later as the story progresses the romantic part tries to come to the surface but it doesn’t affect the overall series.


This show also have family genre in its list so there are bit of emotional scenes in every episodes. Well not strong enough to make you cry but they are more than enough to convey the feelings that this series is trying to do.


As i said at the start of this review. That i was not expecting much from this show but, the execution of each and every episodes, the acting, the story and the comedy everything was so perfect that the show on its own made me draw my attention towards it.

Overall Drama Rating

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