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Naruto Shippuden 460-461 episodes – Interesting unsatisfactory

Naruto Shippuden 460-461 Episodes – As we are already aware that “Otsutsuki Kaguya” fillers started last week. So we finally got to know some key parts about Kaguya’s background, for which we were always curious. Although Manga had some details about her past life and her overall background but its also true that there were too many plot-holes in the details we got from the Manga. With expectations that the fillers will fill these holes, i did not skip the filler episodes. My reaction for the episodes is as mentioned in the title – “They are interesting but still unsatisfactory.”

Naruto Shippuden Episode 459 - Otsutsuki Kaguya
Naruto Shippuden Episode 459 – Otsutsuki Kaguya

But even before the fillers came out there were rumours floating all over the internet that – Kishimoto intended to add background story of Otsutsuki Kaguya but he gave up on the idea as it will look like he is stretching the Manga unnecessarily! So i was thinking that the story of these fillers is something that Kishimoto wrote but after watching the episodes i became convinced that the Naruto shippuden Episode 460 and Naruto Shippuden Episode 461 are not Kishimoto material but they are studio material. The episode were not doubt interesting but they were unsatisfactory because the vibes emitting from the episodes were stating that they were just made to stretch the size of the series. Because of the half hearted explanation we got from the episodes.

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Naruto shippuden 460-461 episodes

Kaguya was the queen or princess of some land who came from faraway place and in order to stop the people who were constantly on war with each other she ate the fruit of the Divine tree and gained the power of chakra. The Divine tree was the only tree on the earth whom people worshiped, respected and feared and treated it as something godly. It was forbidden to eat the fruit of the tree but, Kaguya ate the fruit to stop the war and gained the power of god.

From then onwards she was treated as God and was feared as “Rabbit Goddess.” Later the Divine tree transformed into ten-tails and the two sons of Otsutsuki Kaguya named Otsutsuki Hagoromo (sage of six paths) and Otsutsuki Hamura fought ten-tails and then after that Hagoromo sealed it inside his body.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 459
Naruto Shippuden Episode 459

Well this is what we knew but when Zetsu revealed the truth it was then revealed that the tree didn’t transformed into ten-tails it was Otsutsuki Kaguya who transformed into ten-tails and to stop the war she used Mugen tsukuyomi (infinite tsukuyomi) and trapped people in eternal genjutsu to soak energy from them. Although what was the reason behind her actions were not revealed and i expected fillers to fill those holes like where she came from and why she used Mugen Tsukuyomi. But what we got in fillers was unexpected!

When we talk about Ninjas we talk about humans who can jump from building to building, walk on water and transform themselves, duplicate themselves and so on. The Ninjas had its roots in the history of Mankind. Before Naruto we knew that Ninjas were people who were skilled in assassinations, espionage and spying missions. They use to work for warlords like Oda Nobunaga in the Sengoku Era.

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Naruto introduced the concept of chakra basically a form of internal energy gained from severe training, it also introduced the mythical demons like the Nine tails fox, and the toads all picked from Mythology, and so far it did good job of sticking to the Mythology. But when it comes to explaining the origins of chakra the studio messed up. Basically in Kaguya fillers we expected to know the origins of Otsutsuki Kaguya and the Divine tree but the fillers made these two key points (Kaguya and Divine tree) alienated.

According to what we saw in fillers – The divine tree came from Meteorite which fell on earth and soon bore its roots into the earth surface. People on the earth saw something like a starlight flying from the place where the meteorite fell, Tenji the king of a certain tribe who noticed that orders his people to check out and when they go to check out they find Otsutsuki Kaguya.

Naruto Shippuden 460-461 Episodes
Naruto Shippuden 460-461 Episodes

So basically Otsutsuki Kaguya and Divine tree both are aliens from some other planet. Anyways the people of the tribe brings Kaguya to King Tenji and then she hypnotize him and the people to hide her existence. With this it was clear that she already had some chakra within her. She lives with the king and fall in love with him and becomes the queen but she used to stare at sky all the time.

Many people were against Tenji, for many reasons out of these two were main reasons. First was, they wanted Tenji’s throne and rule over the kingdom and the second one was they were against or more like jealous on the decision when Tenji decided to make Kaguya as his wife because people believed she was from heavens.

Because of this half of them believed its a good thing, half of them were jealous and feared that Tenji’s authority as king will grow. So in order to overthrow Tenji some of the people of his tribe plans coup and join forces with enemy tribe thus a war breaks out when enemy tribe attacks.

Tenji Kaguya Aino
Tenji Kaguya Aino

Tenji leaves Kaguya back at home and goes on battlefield. Taking chance of this opportunity, people from Tenji’s tribe who were in coup comes to capture Kaguya and to defend that place she was staying she kills hem and then runs away with her care taker towards the divine tree.

Those who survived visits Tenji and tells him everything that happened, when Tenji comes back to the place where he left Kaguya he sees dead people. Thus believing that she is a demon, and he sends his entire army to capture her. While running towards divine tree the army starts to attack Kaguya, Kaguya who was pregnant  was unable to run. Her care taker who was besides her tries to tell Tenji and the army to stop attacking Kaguya because she is pregnant but gets shot by the arrow and dies on the spot.

Naruto Shippuden 460-461 Episodes - Tsukuyomi
Naruto Shippuden 460-461 Episodes – Tsukuyomi

Feeling the danger of her life taken away she runs towards Divine tree with all the might and then eats the fruit and then she gains the power of god and puts everyone under Mugen Tsukuyomi and decides to rule over the land. She gives birth to twins named Hagoromo and Hamura and times passes and they both grow into adults. Kaguya becomes the queen of the land and people starts to worship her. Hagoromo and Hamura used to patrol the area and make sure the peace was maintained it was kinda like a police work.

A girl named Haori called them both to solve the fight between people of the village and when Hamura and Hagoromo solved the dispute they notice that people were fighting over water as the water flowing down the river stream was depleted and when they reach the source of depleting water they finds that someone had put a big bolder on water stream because of which the water flowing down the river was blocked.

Kid Gamamau
Kid Gamamau
Old Gamamaru
Old Gamamaru

There they meet Gamamaru a talking toad and he is in fact the same old toad who did prophecies for Jiraya and Naruto he makes them follow and tells them that because of the divine tree the energy from the earth is depleting as divine tree is soaking energy from earth and killing the earth slowly. You should visit the other side where the divine tree lies that’s the place where the real truth is. Hagoromo and Hamura says that Mother (Kaguya) does not allow them to visit other side and they pretend to ignore what Gamamaru said to them but it was the kind of thing, they were unable to remove it from their mind and people talking negative things about Kaguya was also one thing to concern.

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One day they notices that Haori along with few people was chosen for the ritual of Divine tree, Hagoromo and Hamura knew that people who were chosen for the ritual never comes back and serve the divine tree for the rest of their lives. So both feel sad especially Hagoromo who was in love with Haori, because of which Hagoromo and Hamura request Kaguya to stop the ritual but Kaguya says that this ritual is necessary and is needed and won’t stop until those people arrive. You guys don’t need to know anything for now.

Hagoromo and Hamura decides to go to the side of the divine tree as their mother rejects their request with half-hearted reply and there they find people trapped in cocoon and they also find Haori trapped in that and when they tears the Cocoon they find out that she is dead. Hamura was born with Byakugan but Hagoromo had normal white eyes with no Byakugan. Because of which the sorrow he felt from the death of his loved one resulted in some sort of reaction and he awakened “Sharingan.” So it is now revealed that Hagoromo later known as sage of six paths is the great ancestor of Uchiha clan and Hamura is the great ancestor of Hyuga clan.

Hagoromo and Gamamaru
Hagoromo and Gamamaru

They both meet Gamamaru once again, and as soon as Gamamaru looks at Hagoromo’s eyes he notices that he went on the side of divine tree. He brings them to land of toads and then tells them everything about Kaguya i.e Kaguya and Divine tree came from sky to the earth and she then later used Mugen Tsukuyomi because she was betrayed and so on. He also tells them he had prophecy on Hagoromo and Hamura fighting Kaguya. Hagoromo realizes that it was the prophecy because of which Gamamaru told them what divine tree is doing and forced them to see the truth.

Hagoromo decided to talk with Kaguya but in case she didn’t listen and he had to fight her, so in order to stand a chance he decided to learn Sage Jutsu from Gamamaru. All this while hiding the truth from their mother, At the end Kaguya approaches Hamura and asks where is Hagoromo. He says, brother is out still patrolling the village. Because of which Kaguya becomes more angry and says, there no need in hiding things from me because i know everything. Hamura tries to repel Kaguya’s byakugan with his byakugan but as Kaguya was more stronger his resistance was futile and that’s where the episode ended.

The next week we will see Kaguya vs Hagoromo and Hamura and hopefully we will see the end of the Otsutsuki Kaguya fillers.

The Opinion

Ninja’s were born on earth and chakra is the kind of internal energy you gain with hard and severe training and it is related to yin and yang concept which is basically taught in shaolin. Taking these two concept and all things from Japanese and Indian mythology Naruto shippuden ultimately gave the explanation on the origins of chakra based on the Aliens. Wow! That was some Dragon ball Z level explanation.

The Divine tree is the concept picked from the Dragon ball Z Movie known as “Tree of might.” The Saiyans came to earth and bore the fruit of Tree of Might, it soaks energy from earth and then the energy generates a fruit. Originally only shenron is allowed to eat the fruit but if anybody else will eat the fruit he will gain unimaginable powers.

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Naruto shippuden Kaguya fillers had the same concept, the only difference is the tree of might was replaced with divine tree and saiyans were replaced with Kaguya. And now since the series has reached to the point of stating that Kaguya is an alien it wouldn’t bad to say that Naruto and Sasuke are descendants of aliens. Also when Hagoromo and Hamura requested to stop the divine tree ritual kaguya responded :-

“This ritual is necessary and is needed and won’t stop until those people arrive. You guys don’t need to know anything for now,” Wait what does this really mean? is that kind of response related to Kaguya standing and starring at sky all day all night? well i did mentioned earlier that Kaguya had lot of free time and all she used to do is stare at sky as if she is waiting for someone, so that they will come and take her back.

If Mugen Tsukuyomi is a jutsu that traps people in eternal genjutsu and soaks life energy from them. Ultimately the energy is used in growth of tree. If divine tree is from the place where Kaguya came from, the energy radiating from the full grown divine tree will become easy enough to sense by the members of Kaguya’s clan. That way it will be easy to locate her. The energy was necessary because the earth’s energy won’t be sufficient for tree’s growth. That’s why she used Mugen Tsukuyomi so she can gather energy from people of the earth.

Since Kaguya is a member of Otsutsuki clan there are lot mysteries related to that clan. Toneri was from Otsutsuki clan that resided on moon and that clan was born after Otsutsuki Hamura decided to stay on moon and watch over the earth, so basically he ended up populating the moon. But we still don’t know about the origins of Otsutsuki Momoshiki and Otsutsuki Kinshiki and they were not present on the moon with Toneri.

So its safe to assume that Otsutsuki clan is residing somewhere in outer space and Kaguya’s staring at sky all day all night was the fact that she was waiting for them. So they can come and take her back, ruling the land with her power was just for passing the time, if she was really interested then she would have done something rather than just staring at sky all the time and using Mugen Tsukuyomi whenever its needed.

Wrapping up

Well anyways this is my own opinion, and you are free to state your own and comment on my opinion and do inform me via comments about what you think on this entire opinion of mine.

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Overall episode rating

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