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Naruto Shippuden Episode 462 Review – End of Kaguya Story

Naruto Shippuden Episode 462 - Hagormo and Hamura

Naruto Shippuden Episode 462 – Last time i gave the review of Episode 460 and Episode 461, and this week’s Episode 462 marked the end of Kaguya’s story. I had to admit that Kaguya’s story was somewhat enjoyable , although still had some unsatisfactory elements but despite all that the last episode gave us almost 75% answers to mystery related to Kaguya’s story. Also it marked end to the Kaguya’s fillers and i had to admit it that, the ending episode of Kaguya’s story was somewhat heavy.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 462 Review

The Episode starts with Hogoromo mastering the sage powers learned from Gamamaru, and he aged quite a bit so i guess it took him 10-20 years of span to master the sage powers or maybe the time flow the the land of toad must be different than the time flow in our regular world but during Pain’s Arc, Naruto didn’t age a bit so its viable reason to assume that it must have took 10-20 years of span to master the sage powers. Because of which he becomes capable of fighting with Kaguya. So after a while a messenger toad comes to inform Gamamaru and Hagoromo that something must have happend since he can’t contact Hamura.

Hagoromo and Gamamaru
Hagoromo and Gamamaru

At the end of the last week’s episode Hamura and Kaguya confronts each other, if the messenger toad is not able to contact Hamura that means Hamura must have lost is what i thought at that time, Anyways Hagormo returns to human world from the land of toads and orders people to evacuate the place so they can remain safe and after confirming everyone’s safety he confronts Kaguya. He tells his mother to stop Mugen Tsukuyomi and return everyone to normal but Kaguya refuses to do so.

Naruto Shippuden 460-461 Episodes
Naruto Shippuden 460-461 Episodes

Hagoromo asks Kaguya where she came from, this time Kaguya finally answers that she came from far away place from sky and she fell in love with the people here, from where she came, the people there doesn’t believe in the emotion called love, power is everything there, that’s why when she came here she was happy that she was in love with someone but eventually she was betrayed by the same people she loved and to protect her kids that were inside her she used Mugen Tuskuyomi

For me whom i had you two inside me i decided to protect you at all cost and because of which i used Mugen Tsukuyomi and now i am waiting that my people will come here and take me back with them.

When she mentioned that she is waiting for her people to come to planet earth and take her back with them she was referring to Momoshiki and Kinshiki and another person (not Toneri) but some another guy who i think might be even powerful than Momoshiki and Kinshiki.

Naruto Episode 462 - Otsutsuki Clan
Naruto Shippuden Episode 462 – Otsutsuki Clan

Anyways Kaguya further continues, “I gave birth to both of you and nurtured you with all my love and in the end even my two sons betrayed me. We can’t come to terms with each other and so i will take the chakra back from you.” Hagormo tells the his mother to believe in love” but she use Hamura as an hostage and controls his mind and orders him to fight against Hagoromo.”

Naruto Episode 462 - Hagormo Crying
Naruto Shippuden Episode 462 – Hagormo Crying

Hagormo removes his brother from mind control by giving him a fatal wound and then healing him and bringing back to his life with his sage powers and special sage tag given by Gamamaru. During the process Hagormo activates Mangekyou sharingan and then even escalates it to Rinnegan and so the fight between Hagoromo Hamura and Kaguya begins which continues for months. In the end Hagormo and Hamura manages to seal kaguya with Chibaku Tensei which gave birth to moon, but before getting sealed she gives birth to Black Zetsu. Hagormo splits ten tails in nine parts and seals inside him. Hamura decides to stay on moon with his mother (Kaguya becomes moon).

Naruto Episode 462 - Madara and Kaguya
Naruto Shippuden Episode 462 – Madara and Kaguya

So from here onwards Black Zetsu goes on telling what he did to resurrect Kaguya, Like when Hagoromo decided to handover the lead of ‘Ninshu’ to Asura instead of Indra, Black Zetsu made Indra and Asura fight and so on their fight went onwards and even their descendants Senju and Uchiha fought for decades but when Madara and Hashirama were born Zetsu became convinced that Madara could bring together Bijuu and resurrect Ten tails and achieve the power of “Sage of six path.” So black zetsu made himself to act like Madara created him and then with help of Obito he created Akatsuki, started the Fourth Great Ninja War and resurrected Kaguya and the episode ends with the dialogue that Kaguya says – “Hagoromo and Hamura, i hate you! You two belong to me!!”

The Opinion

After watching the entire Kaguya Story, My overall opinion on Kaguya’s attitude and behaviour was like, “That’s why aliens don’t visit us now.” Kaguya came from another planet, and she was raised in an environment with no love, power and authority was everything. She came to earth whatever reasons it may be or whatever circumstances it may be, but she was happy and even felt in love became a wife but her husband “Tenji” the king of so called tribe when it came to trust, he trusted the man who wanted his throne more than his wife and send the entire army to hunt her.

Her caretaker Aino who was nice to her was killed in pursuit and moreover Kaguya was pregnant at that time. Its obvious that she would loose trust and feel betrayed and on top of it she was scared. She came to realize that whatever they taught her on her home planet was right power and authority is everything and so in order to protect herself and her unborn kids she used Mugen Tsukuyomi. Whatever she did in her opinion was right its something that mother would do to protect her and her kids.

Naruto Episode 462 - Kaguya
Naruto Shippuden Episode 462 – Kaguya

So if alien arrive on earth its natural that we would get scared of him/her and attack him/her. The alien won’t trust us and will be scared of us and will leave the planet and will never return and if the alien is unable to return he/she will defend her. Kaguya was in same situation, In this case Kaguya was always waiting for her people to come and take her back but when her her life was in danger and she could not run away or she could not leave. She decided to fight against it and the actions she took was to protect her and her unborn kids from the Humans she thought dreadful.

Its just like Hamura said after fight with Kaguya ended. “When i was in her control i felt her emotions, she was scared all this time and whatever she did, she did to protect us and according to her all she was doing what a mother would do. In the end, i think that she was just a lonely woman unable to share her pain and feelings, starving of love and did whatever she could to protect her kids.”

Wrapping up

This last episode of Kaguya’s story was a bit heavy to handle because it made me think on Kaguya’s part and about her feelings, i felt sympathy towards her but at that time i also thought that she must be stopped. Anyways i was left with mixed emotions. So this was the last episode of Kaguya’s story which hopefully marked the end of fillers. I pray that they won’t show Naruto and Sasuke’s fillers, When Naruto and Sasuke fight at the end.


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