Ao no exorcist season 2

Ao No Exorcist Season 2 – A New TV Anime!!

Ao No Exorcist Season 2 – Few days ago we posted an article that Ao No Exorcist have something important to announce on July 4 but that announcement accidentally leaked out. The TV Anime add for Ao No Exorcist season 2 was leaked on Twitter. Synopsis Humans and demons are two sides of the same

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Shokugeki No Soma Season Two

Shokugeki No Soma Season Two will have 13 Episodes!!

Shokugeki No Soma Season two – The official website of Shokugeki No Soma Season two known as Shokugeki No Soma – Ni No Sara announced the plan of home video release on Monday and that home video releases reveals that the second season of shokugeki no soma will consists of 13 episodes. This news just

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Boku No Hero Academia Anime

Boku No Hero Academia Anime S1 Review – Exceptional series!!

Boku No Hero Academia Anime – The season one of Boku No Hero Academia Anime (My Hero Academia) marked its end last week. The series was one of the exceptional series among all the series that came this year, everyone expected a lot from this series and thankfully it has managed to answer all of

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Ushio to Tora - End

Ushio to Tora Anime Review – An underrated masterpiece!!

Ushio to Tora Anime – I’ll be honest here, I’ve been dying to write a review on Ushio to Tora Anime Series. These kids of series are like endangered spices in the world of Anime that has been dominated Anime Series filled with cute characters which are not mature and the story with not so

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Konosuba Second Season

Konosuba Second Season gets January 2017 Premier

Konosuba Second Season – Kono subarashi sekai ni shukufuku wo! (Konosuba) was one of the greatest comedy anime of 2016. After the first season of Anime ended, it was announced that the Konosuba Anime Series will receive another season i.e season two. Today its officially confirmed when will Konsuba Season 2 will premier. Synopsis After

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Gintama Manga

Gintama Manga has big announcement on July 4

Gintama Manga – Gintama Anime was ended few months ago and we got a news that Gintama Manga has now something new to announce. The official announcement will be received  on July 4. For more information you can read the following three articles given below!! Read Now – Gintama Anime ends  Read Now – Gintama

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