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Baby steps live action drama trailer premier and cast

Baby Steps Live Action Drama

Baby steps live action drama – Couple of days ago we reported that on June 1 Baby steps is going to announce something important and we predicted that the announcement will be regarding third season and explained the reason behind prediction. But it looks like we were totally wrong, yes, Baby steps is not getting third season but instead its getting a live action drama series adaptation. The cast, staff, trailer and premier were revealed by Amazon Japan.


Diligent and methodical honor student Eiichirou Maruo decides to exercise more during the little free time he has available because he is worried about his health. For this reason, after seeing a flyer, he joins the Southern Tennis Club at the beginning of his freshman year.

During his free trial at the club, he meets Natsu Takasaki, another first year student, who is determined on becoming a professional tennis player due to her love for the sport. In contrast, Eiichirou’s study-oriented life exists because he believes that it is what he has to do, not because he enjoys it. However, his monotonous days come to an end as the more he plays tennis, the more he becomes fascinated by it.

Baby Steps is the story of a boy who makes the most of his hard-working and perfectionist nature to develop his own unique playing style. Little by little, Eiichirou’s skills begin to improve, and he hopes to stand on equal footing with tennis’ best players.

(Source – MyAnimeList)

Baby steps live action drama

Amazon Japan revealed the premier date, main cast and trailer of Baby steps live action drama adaptation. Katsuki Hikaru’s Manga Baby steps will be adapted into live action series. The series will premier on July 22 on Amazon prime instant video service.

Matsuoka Kodai will play the role of the protagonist Maruo Eiichiro, previously he also worked in Naruto and Prince of Tennis stage plays. Model Kiwa will play the role of Takasaki Natsu the female protagonist of series, Whereas Matsushima Shota will play the role of Egawa Takuma.

Kobayashi Yuji wrote scripts for Baby steps live action drama series and he previously worked on Saint seiya omega Anime, Sailor Moon Crystal Anime and Smile Precure! Anime. Kazuyuki Iwata is directing the series. Katsuki Hikaru launched the Baby steps manga in weekly shounen jump magazine in the year 2007 which inspired two Anime adaptation i.e two anime seasons each of 25 episodes. Along with us the fans are speculating, that the Anime will get another season, although there is still no confirmation about that news.

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