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Dragon ball Super Episode 47 – Arrival of Black Goku!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 47 - Black Goku

Dragon ball Super Episode 47 – So we are finally getting into Future trunks arc, which starts from Dragon ball super episode 47. From the first looks of the episode it looks like this arc is really going to be the darkest arc of the dragon ball super. Since there are deaths right from the start of the episode. Seriously this episode should have been one-hour special because the content looks real juicy so waiting one week for another episode is not good enough!

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Dragon ball Super Episode 47 Review

Since we are talking about future trunks and black goku, allow me to remind you that “Toei Animation” has been doing everything to promote the future trunks and black goku arc arc. Because since the end of the last month Toei is keeping us updated with lots of things related to this new arc. Hence its pretty understandable that this arc is somewhat really important to overall dragon ball super franchise because of which they can’t be sloppy. Also this the original arc written by Toriyama himself, so right from the days of its promotion we were getting powerful vibes that – “Hey ! this arc is not going to be one like the earlier arcs, its going to be something that’s really going to blow everyone’s mind.”

Dragon Ball Super Episode 47 - Future Bulma
Dragon Ball Super Episode 47 – Future Bulma

The episode starts with Future trunks secretly escaping from the new enemy that’s trying to hunt him down. The world in the future trunks timeline is destroyed completely and has reverted back to the state when the Android destroyed everything. Only this time the Atmosphere around is lot darker which indicates the intense power of the new enemy that our Future trunks is facing. Trunks secretly visits Bulma who gathering fuel for time machine so that trunks can go back in past. The new enemy Black Goku suddenly arrives in the peaceful period one year ago in future trunks timeline since bulma is gathering fuel from one year during which lots of people loose their lives, and  what’s more it was only half filled.

Dragonball super episode 47 - Black Goku Smile
Dragonball super episode 47 – Black Goku Smile

Which states that how worse the condition has gotten since the arrival of Black Goku. Since there was no fuel for the time machine when Black Goku arrived shows that the world was at long term peace because of which trunks and bulma must have made the decision that there is no need to use time machine. But arrival of Black Goku messed up everything. Anyways Trunks takes fuel from Bulma and prepares to make trip in time with his girlfriend “Mai” and Bluma but Bulma’s lab was ambushed by Black Goku and Bulma scarifies herself to save trunks and fuel.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 47 - Mai and Trunks
Dragon Ball Super Episode 47 – Mai and Trunks

Trunks returns to Mai and tells her everything that happens, after a short rest both of them gets ready to make a trip to past but unfortunately Black Goku gets in their way trunks tell her to take fuel and run and confronts black Goku although all he does do is gets on defensive and barely manages to escape from the attacks. Seeing this Mai tells that she will draw his attention in the mean time she tells him to go to past and so she she dies too. Well basically Mai and Trunks were in well established relationship so i was hoping that Mai might be his wife in future but she dies. That’s where episode ends.

The Opinion

So the first episode of this arc itself killed the two characters who were close to Future trunks and of course were main supportive characters of the Future trunks timeline and since Picollo and other Z warriors in Future trunks timeline died in Android Saga, there are no dragon balls through which Bulma and Mai can be revived back because of which death means a lot to Future trunks.

What’s more the way the portrayed Black Goku was intense, and serious. What i mean is every antagonist in the history of entire dragon ball had high and mighty and playful attitude. While Black Goku does looks like he has a high and mighty attitude but from what i saw in today’s episode, he doesn’t play with any of the people he killed and quickly kills off the people one by one. Its as if he is not interested in playing with people, and views nothing more but insects that he needs to get rid of quickly.

On top of this new antagonist called “Black Goku” is not a Saiyan, Because at the end when Mai dies he says to Trunks – “Today is the day when you stop breathing Saiyajin (Saiyan)!” Which creates the biggest question, who in the world is Black Goku, if he is not a Saiyan? is he some sort of Android like cell which looks more like a human? or is he a sort of alien who looks like Goku? He is more young then our Goku and in fact he is slim and doesn’t have that bulky muscles like Goku and Vegeta. Well we just have to make till the next week so we can get more details on his identity.

Wrapping up

As i said earlier this episode should have been a one-hour special its hard to wait for one more week because the cliffhanger was irresistible. So do tell me what do you think about this episode, and state your opinions via comments below!!

Overall Episode Rating

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