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Hundred Anime Complete Review – Could have been better!!

Hundred Anime There was one anime among all epic anime like Joker game, Boku No Hero Academia, which was not that epic as the story was not that overwhelming, despite a concept which could have made the anime even more better to watch. For now after watching the anime, i felt that it the anime series had a great potential to become something great, but, that potential was not harnessed well. As result i felt this series was nothing more than a wasted effort. There are many reasons which supports my reasoning.


Hundred”—that is the only weapon that can oppose the mysterious life form “Savage” from visiting the earth.
The protagonist, Kisaragi Hayato, aims to become a Martial Arts Master using this Hundred. He managed to get into the battleship university Little Garden.


“I wanted to see you, Hayato!!!”
“H-How do you know my name?”

Around the roommate, Emil Crossford, who somehow knows him well (?), Hayato gets an uneasy feeling.
What’s more, just after the entrance ceremony, he gets asked for a duel by the campus’ strongest martial arts master “Queen” Claire Harvey…!?

The ultimate academy battle begins here!

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Hundred Anime Review

So basically Hundred is the anime series that’s adapted from the light novel, the first episode itself delivered the conclusion that there are similar  which came before Hundred. Even so i watched the Anime because it had a bit of uniqueness in it.

Hundred Anime - Kisaragi Hayato
Hundred Anime – Kisaragi Hayato

Our main character of the series is Kisaragi Hayato who aims to become Martial artist using a weapon called “Hundred.” Which are made to defeat beasts which comes in form of bugs and dragons. These beast are known as “Savage.” Kisaragi Hayato is a guy with a very high and rare potential that makes him compatible of handling Hundred. Because of this compatibility he manages to get entrance in the university known as “Little Garden” a battleship university made for people to train so they can become warriors who are known as “Slayers” that defeat “Savages.”

The highest compatibility of Hundred of our Main character Kisaragi Hayato has a big reason behind it. The city in which Hayato used to live was attacked by Savage, and he and his friend (a girl) were running to find safe shelter was attacked by a Savage. The girl gets heavily injured, Hayato tries to stop the bleeding by sucking the blood and thanks to that he achieves a special powers of the savage which goes by the name “Variant.” There are only ten people in the world who has this power and Kisaragi Hayato including that girl he saved is one of them.

Hundred Anime - Emil Crossford
Hundred Anime – Emil Crossford

As Hayato enters the Little Garden for the first time, he meets a person goes by the name Emil Crossford. Hayato becomes clueless as he can’t figure out who this boy is, but it turns out that Emil is actually girl in disguise of a boy, in order to hide her identity of princess. Because she ran away from the palace and got admitted to little garden and in fact she is the girl that Hayato saved when his city was attacked by a Savage. In short she is Hayato’s childhood friend and guys that’s the complete story of Hundred Anime. Yes, you read the right thing, whatever happens after this is all the things similar to any action harem anime.

Hundred Anime - Clair Harvey
Hundred Anime – Clair Harvey

On his first day Hayato challenges to the strongest slayer of little garden which ends up as tie, and then she too joins his harem club. The reason for that? well there are two, Hayato accidentally fell on her and gropes her and the second one is – She realizes that Hayato has some special kind of power and she tries to discover the secret. After discovering the secret she puts in him important posts. Although slowly and gradually she falls in love with him and always get jealous when she sees Emil crossford (Emilia). The strongest slayer “Clair Harvey” is a tsundere and she always dodges the love emotions she has for Hayato with her tsundere attitude.

Hundred Anime
Hundred Anime

On the other other hand the other woman assistants of Clair Harvey always gets angry when they see Hayato and Clair together. Why? because they think that Hayato is a pervert. With a gap of every one or two episodes Hayato meets a new girl and that girl joins his harem group. These entire explanation covers the half of the series, Afterwards Clair Harvey’s brother makes his entrance and his name is Judal Harvey. That guy gives a vibe that something is going to happen, and till the end you end up hoping, well now something tragic will happen. But seriously nothing that great happens.

Judal Harvey comes to save his sisters Clair Harvey and another girl from Harvey family who is like sleeping beauty and is in a deep slumber. That girl who is in a deep slumber is actually the power source of little garden and Judal comes to save her from the woman who acts like she is the antagonist of the series, her name is Vitaly. She develops a three-man team of slayers with variant powers with sole purpose of destroying the slayers. Hayato, Emilia and Clair defeats them. Hayato understand that they are used by Vitaly and so he decides to take them in shelter where they can live peacefully. However Vitaly on the other hand uses this as an opportunity and attacks little garden with her genetically engineered Savages.

Hundred Anime - Emilia and Hayato
Hundred Anime – Emilia and Hayato

She also manages to infiltrate the place where Clair and Judal Harvey’s sister who is the main power source of the little garden, sleeps. Although at that place Judal confronts her, and her confrontation with judal states that they were in a relationship and later broke up when Judal abandoned her. Her reason behind attacking the little garden was – Judal abandoned her. I thought that i would get to see fight between Judal and Vitaly with their Hundreds but that doesn’t happen. Instead Judal tricks Vitaly and kills her, which gives us the confirmation that Judal maybe or may not be the antagonist of the series but he is sure planning something, and that’s where the series ends.

The opinion

Well the worst thing about this series is the lack of consistent story which acts as a main support of the any anime series. For me this series was the another version of “Sky wizards Academy,” also known as “Kuusen Madoushi Kyoukan.” Where you put some random things together and create an anime series. So for people who are going to watch this Anime, don’t expect any great story or some awesome characters. Just watch this series as primary entertainment when you have nothing to do.

Lack of consistent story is one major drawback but there is another one basically in this series every character lacks depth and gives a feeling that they are just made for the purpose of completing the Anime. The series tries to grab your attention with some comedy, ecchi scenes, kissing scenes and fight scenes but on the contrary the lack of proper characters and proper storyline makes the series even worse.

Wrapping up

This series was like a big “meh” to me, its not worthy of getting another season as well as this series is only one time watchable. This is entirely my review on this series, everyone has their own opinions so for people who liked this series sorry if you got offended.

Overall Anime Rating


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