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Sousei No Onmyouji Review – Studio destroyed Anime

Sousei No Onmyouji – I had a lot of expectations from Sousei No Onmyouji anime adaptation and seriously when the first episode of the Anime aired, i was excited although from the past few episodes my excitement and expectations drained and became zero. Without a doubt the studio literally destroyed the Anime adaptation, and even worse thing is they messed up at crucial point and because of that i am no more interested in watching the Anime.

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Sousei No Onmyouji Review

OK, right from the first episode the studio modified the content of the Manga, i actually was ok with the modifications done with the episodes but the studio did one mistake and that was making big modifications that will affect the overall series. Its like watching Naruto shippuden with fillers right from the first episode of the series. You get one or two canon episode and then fillers but here in this case of Sousei no onmyouji the canon episodes are also modified so for me the entire series has became a big filler.

Sousei No Onmyouji - Rokuro and Benio
Sousei No Onmyouji – Rokuro and Benio

I am going to explain the whole thing in detail so you can understand my opinion and eventually get an answer on why i think the studio destroyed the Anime adaptation of Sousei No Onmyouji Manga. For those who have not read the manga whatever you’re going to read below will be spoilers to you so i advise to you read the Manga first and then read this article.

If you ask me which is better Sousei No Onmyouji Manga or Anime? then i will support Manga because compared to Anime, Manga is much more straightforward and gets quick to the point without wasting anytime, the story progress speed is great, all the plot twist are timed rightly and executed perfectly. Manga has a great character development and what’s more it doesn’t waste time and makes the character evolve at a steady pace with each new chapter. What i meant to say is the everything in the Manga is executed perfectly so if you start reading the Manga you will end up Binge reading it. When you completely binge read a Manga that has quick executions of twist, humor, romance, feels which elevates the overall quality of the story, When it comes to Anime adaptations there is is no doubt you are going to expect something really great.

Although that’s not the case here, there are total 10 released episodes of Sousei No Onmyouji and the number of modifications done to episodes, grows every new episode. Some episodes in between are completely different which are not related to the the Manga and the overall story which makes them filler episodes. On top of it they messed up the crucial plot twist.

Sousei No Onmyouji - Ijika Yuuto
Sousei No Onmyouji – Ijika Yuuto

The meeting of Ijika Yuuto the antagonist of the series and the Twin star exorcists was one of the crucial part of the entire story. Not only they modified that but they changed the entire sequence.

To explain it more clearly i will divide that meeting part in four different and individual part and will explain how it was executed in Manga and how the studio executed it in the Anime. So i have already warn to all non-manga readers that don’t read this if you have not read the Manga because from here on wards it will be all spoilers for you.

Manga Sequence

In part 01 – Amakawa Seigen, the master of Enmado Rokuro and also an exorcist from the twelve guardians comes to meet Rokuro since Seigen heard that Rokuro began fighting as an exorcist. Rokuro as his student have suffered a lot in past so Seigen does not wanted him to fight again as a result he came to test Rokuro’s resolve and challenged him to fight. Seeing the sloppy resolve they started discussing about his past i.e Hinatsuki tragedy, Benio who happens to be there at that time hears everything and then asks them about Hinatsuki tragedy, Seigen says that Benio is Yuuto’s sister and she has right to know everything and she then learns that , It was Rokuro who killed all the student at Hinatsuki Dormitory and Rokuro takes the blame of killing everyone. Hearing this Benio gets angry and Rokuro disappears.

Sousei No Onmyouji Manga - Seigen
Sousei No Onmyouji Manga – Seigen

In part 02 – Benio sitll not could not believe that Rokuro could kill everyone and she asks Seigen for explanation. Seigen says that Rokuro had no choice but to kill everyone because the exorcists students (Rokuro’s friends) all turned in to Impurity also known as Fallen Impurity. Once an exorcists turns into impurity there is no choice to save him all you can do is kill him before he commits any sin. On the other hand Mayura who is Seigen’s daughter learns that her father scolded Rokuro and she then consoles Rokuro but then she too turns into a Fallen Impurtiy (of course someone chants the spell to turn a human into impurity). Seigen on the other hand tells Benio the other cause of him coming back to the city and that is investigating the cause behind the Fallen Impurity which ruined Rokuro’s life, he soon senses that a fallen impurity is near by and notices that the fallen impurity is none other than his own daughter Mayura.

In part 03 – Seigen decides to kill Mayura as there is no chance of saving her because she became a fallen impurity. On the other hand Twin star exorcists or Sousei no onmyouji whatever you wanna call them figure out the way to save Mayura and saves her. Its then Seigen starts to explain even further about fallen impurities to Benio and tells that Ijika Yuuto her brother is the Master mind behind the Hinatsuki tragedy. It was that time that Yuuto makes his appearance and Benio on the other hand could not believe that her kind brother was the the mastermind behind the Hinatsuki tragedy.

In part 04 – Rokuro becomes infuriated and Benio asks explanation on all things, to which Yuuto shuts Benio. Because of which Rokuro becomes even more angry and attacks Yuuto. Seigen stops him and fights with Yuuto to stop him and to also take revenge of what he did to Mayura but he losses miserably despite going all out.

Anime Sequence

Sousei No Onmyouji - Amakawa Seigen
Sousei No Onmyouji – Amakawa Seigen

So now i won’t explain all the sequence one by one but instead i will tell the difference, if you have read the above part carefully then there won’t be any problem for you in understanding.

Sousei No Onmyouji Manga - Seigen vs Yuuto
Sousei No Onmyouji Manga – Seigen vs Yuuto

1. Mayura doesn’t become a fallen Impurity : Seigen vs Mayura the Fallen Impurity was one of the crucial point which showed the terror of fallen impurity. This fight also would have displayed the growth of Rokuro and Benio as Twin star exorcists and their new ability.

2. Yuuto’s entrance and Seigen vs Yuuto : The way Seigen explained about the mastermind of Hinatsuki tragedy and the cause behind the Mayura becoming fallen impurity and Rokuro’s life getting ruined all these three explanations supported the entrance of Yuuto the long awaited antagonist of the series. They tried to stick to the original character as much as they can but you can still spot some difference in the personality. Like in Manga Yuuto looks evil from top to bottom and has more darker feel. But in Anime that intensity is lowered considerably and yes they dare to delete the entire Yuuto vs Seigen fight that was one of the most badass fight of the Manga.

This entire sequence which i explained above was the crucial part of the story which showed character developments of main characters Twin star exorcist and showed more about the antagonist and the episode after that should have been of Benio and Rokuro preparing to fight Yuuto but they made a different episode and introduced a new character who is Beno’s master and is one of the twelve guardians and they still haven’t introduce her in Manga (she was there in a certain chapter though). Which clearly states that Anime is moving in a different direction than Manga with a modified story which is not good.

Although there are many flaws in the series but i think these are the major ones. So tell me what do you think about the Anime adaptation of Sousei no onmyouji do you like it or do you hate it?

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