Dragon Ball Super 48-50 Review – Goku Black true identity!!

Dragon Ball Super 48-50 Review – As the title says this post or article is about the true identity of Dragon ball Super new villain of the Future Trunks arc who looks exactly like “Son Goku” and his name is “Goku Black.” Its not like that the latest episode already revealed the true identity of Goku Black but more like we have 85% of the idea on how Goku Black was born and who actually created him.

So basically this is just a theory on part of our team but to be honest we were making this theory right from the episode 47 which is actually the episode when Goku Black first appeared and thanks to that we were able to make the most valid theory ever. To explain the theory more easily we decided to explain it together with the review of Dragon Ball Super Episode 48, 49 and 50. So that you guys can exactly understand that on what basis or on what thinking we made this theory!

Dragon ball Super 48-50 Review & theory

We will start with little summary of Dragon Ball super episode 47. In Episode 47 Goku Black made his first entrance, the most valid reason we had at that time for Goku Black’s existence is that somebody re-incarnated Goku and made him evil but this is not true.

Dragon Ball Super 48-50 review
Dragon Ball Super 48-50 review

If you watched the episode carefully then Trunks mentioned to Mai in episode 47 – “That bastard Black now he can sense my ki!!” we found this thing strange, even if Goku was to be incarnated in evil form he should be able to sense the ki because that’s Goku alright. The second hint was when at the end Black says to Trunks – “Today is the day you will stop breathing Saiyan!”  which actually revealed that Black is not a Saiyan because a Saiyan never calls another Saiyan a Saiyan they call each other with their names and other higher officials with name and honorifics.

Thanks to this we thought that somebody borrowed the Goku’s dead body, but we gave up on that theory. In Dragon ball super episode 48 Trunks confronts Black as he kills Mai and he looses but somehow manages to escape and in that brief moment Trunks activates the time machine and manages to come to the past. Bulma takes him out of time machine and calls Goku and Vegeta along with them Whis and Beerus arrives too. Goku gives Trunks a Senzu bean but as soon as Trunks awakes he sees Goku and he attacks him thinking that our Goku is Goku Black .

Dragon Ball Super - Black Goku
Dragon Ball Super – Black Goku

This is one of the best thing that Dragon ball super did and that’s connecting the story line to the previous Future Trunks saga. When Future Trunks left during that time Goku died in the battle with Cell but during the battle with Majin Boo he was granted life by the old supreme kai. When this time Future Trunks arrived he was not aware of the things happened after he left and that’s why he thought that our Goku is Goku Black.

Coming back to the story in episode 49 – Future Trunks realizes that he came back to past and tells them the situation of what was happening in his timeline. Meanwhile in Future Black tries to use instant transmission so that he can teleport to where Trunks is but that turns out to be futile because Trunks was in past.

When Trunks was explaining the situation to Goku, Vegeta and the others he mentioned that when Black first came to earth he introduce himself as “Son Goku” and claimed that he destroyed other planets and now in the name of Justice he will destroy planet earth. Also when Black tried to use Instant transmission and also used Kamehameha to stop Trunks it again raised a confusion, is Black actually the Goku we know or he is someone else?

The theory which our team gave up earlier – “Someone borrowing Goku’s dead body,” came to light once again and this time we were convinced even more that somebody is actually borrowing Goku’s dead body as a medium to live and then using it for his own ambitions. The latest episodes confirms that, as Black himself reveals a little secret about him when he meets Goku.

In Dragon ball super episode 50, Goku black travels back to the time with the time rings he posses and comes to the past. The time ring reacts to the time portal which was left open when Trunks traveled back in time and so this is how Black manages to travel back in time where he confronts the Goku we know. During that time Black says to Goku that he always wanted to fight the strongest fighter “Son Goku” of the Saiyan race ever since he got this body. Which confirmed that Goku Black is actually someone else who borrowed Goku’s body since the Goku in Future Trunks timeline was dead.

Dragon Ball Super 48-50 review - Goku
Dragon Ball Super 48-50 review – Goku

The portal through which Black came to the past dragged him to the future once again after a little confrontation with Goku but more secrets were revealed during that time. Beerus and Whis who were there when Black arrived noticed that the time ring which Black had with him was actually a ring only a Kai or god is allowed to wear. Which raised the issue that Black is somehow related to Kai.

What’s more when Black arrived to the past he saw Beerus and realized that he is the God of destruction which confirmed that Black was related to Kai’s world. While black was being dragged back to the Future he destroyed the time machine so that Trunks won’t be able to come back and managed to trap Trunks in past. But Bulma realizes that when last time Trunks came to the past they found another time machine through which Cell came. Bulma remembers that she have kept the time capsule with her safely . Once again dragon ball super new future trunks arc is connecting its roots to old future trunks arc.

Meanwhile Goku Black returns to the Future and is ready to wreck the world but on the other hand we see another reveal – Trunks’s girlfriend Mai is not dead she is alive and that’s where the episode ends.

Now since Beerus and Whis mentioned that time ring is something which is only a Kai can wear it sure raised an issue that Black is somehow related to Kai’s world but what bothered us more that if that’s true then why didn’t we noticed or saw a god or kai wearing the time ring? but soon Whis mentioned that wearing time ring and doing time travel is prohibited and its a serious crime so no Kai will ever wear it.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 47 - Black Goku
Dragon Ball Super Episode 47 – Black Goku

If that’s true then some other Kai in the Trunks timeline who is greater then all the other Kai than all other gods and gods of destruction we know and has gone rogue, might have genetically modified Goku and revived him and gave the ring to Goku Black. Another possibility is that there is a rogue god or kai or some other creature who stole the time ring, was defeated thousand years ago and was sealed, he was released from his sealed condition by someone else or somehow managed to release himself but he lost his entire body and so he borrowed Goku’s body to survive.

The possibilities mentioned in the above paragraph indicates that Goku Black might not be the only person. There might be someone else who might be working with him. So this is our entire point of view on Dragon ball super 47,48, 49 and 50. Do tell us via comments that what do you think about this article and do share your views.

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