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Fairy Tail Manga to announce important news on 27th July

Fairy Tail Manga

Fairy Tail Manga This year’s Kodansha’s weekly shouen jump magazine will announce on Wednesday that Fairy tail Manga is going to announce something important in the next issue i.e 35th issue on 27th July. The author of Fairy tail Hero Mashima launched the series in 35th issue of the year 2006 and this year’s 35th issue will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Fairy tail Manga important announcement

Fairy tail Anime went on Hiatus on March 26, and so far we still don’t know when will the Anime return. I posted that hiatus news on this blog on March 20 i.e six days just before the Anime went on Hiatus, to be honest that post is one of the most viewed post on this blog and always comes in the list of top 2 posts even today.

This justifies that how much people are addicted for Fairy tail. While this is just another prediction from our side with no solid proof, we think that Fairy tail Manga is finally going to announce Fairy Tail Anime’s return on 27th July 2016. Chances are that they might also announce another new movie, as Fairy Tail has only one movie throughout the entire franchise.

Also there are chances that they might Animate another side manga, just like they did with Mavis and Animated Fairy Tail Zero, But we think that fans will be more excited if they hear Anime’s return in this important announcement, rather than another┬ámovie announcement or some other thing.

In Manga the war with Zeref has already started while the story is still far away from its climax but if they are announcing Anime’s return chances are that they might add some OVA episodes before starting the original war arc of the Manga.

However like i said that this is another prediction from our side which has no solid proof or evidence. We will just have to wait until the original announcement comes out.

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