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Jun Maeda need heart transplant – Writer of Angel beats Clannad Charlotte

Jun Maeda – The person who made us cry over shows like Clannad, Angel Beats and Charlotte is now himself trapped in a weird twist of irony.  Recently on twitter he announced that he needs a heart transplant surgery which is something that should not be avoided at any cost. On the other hand as one of his fans i think that life for Jun Maeda could be more ironic.

Jun Maeda heart transplant news details


This news of heart transplant comes months after he was admitted in hospital, Maeda reported that he is suffering from Idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy and also said that the condition had huge impact on him. He also expressed his views on how he does not wish to undergo this heart transplant surgery and how he don’t like being admitted in hospitals.

Jun Maeda
Jun Maeda

Jun Maeda has huge fan following for his excellent work on Clannad, Angel Beats and Charlotte, and this news of heart transplant surgery comes as a real shock for his fans. Although he has assured his fans that he will continue writing new stories, his fans continue to wish him all the best, stay strong and never give up on his twitter account.

Jun Maeda is regarded as a father of “Nakige” also known as “Sad games” and is best known for his work that have made people cry. At the age of 41 his condition is itself ironic and heart breaking.

Why do we think Jun Maeda’s condition is irony?

As i mentioned Jun Maeda is best known for his sad stories that makes people cry, in his work he have depicted many sad twist and situations which comes as a real shock which makes us think – “How could this happen?” because of which we cry.

We got attached to his stories and saw them as a part of our lives, the irony lies here, just like we got attached to his stories in a similar way we got attached to Jun Maeda’s life through his works. Because of which is not easy for us to comprehend the news that his condition is so severe that he need a heart transplant.

Our prayers are with him.

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