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Mob Psycho 100 Anime – First Impressions and feel

Mob psycho 100 - Kageyama Shigeo

Mob Psycho 100 Anime This Anime is another Anime written by One Punch Man’s Author “ONE.” After huge success of One Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100 gets a chance! Two episodes of the series are out, which gives me a firm opinion that this series is going to be better than One Punch Man. Why? read below…


Kageyama Shigeo (a.k.a. “Mob”) is a 8th grader with psychic abilities. He could bend spoons and lift objects with his mind from a young age, but he slowly began to withhold from using his abilities in public due to the negative attention he kept receiving. Now, the only thing he wants is to become friends with a girl in his class, Tsubomi. With his psychic “mentor” (who has no psychic powers), he continues his daily life, attempting to realize his purpose in life.

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Mob Psycho 100 Anime

One Punch Man was on an Anime with all superhero action and comedy you need but it lacked a definite story like all other Anime series out there. OPM was more like constructing story slowly and steadily every episode, Mob Psycho 100 Anime on the other hand has a definite story which will keep yo glued.

The above synopsis gives you brief idea about the story of the series, but trust me its not even half of its true synopsis. Hence allow me to give you a brief summary on what kind of Anime is Mob Psycho 100.

Our main character is an 8th grader school kid named “Kageyama Shigeo” a.k.a “Mob.” Just like Saitama he is an overpowered main character with super psychic abilities. From young age he could bend spoons and lift objects with his mind and do many things. As his power grows he uses that power to fight evil spirits (ghosts and youkai). Yet he seals most of his abilities because of the negative attention he was getting.

Mob Psycho 100
Mob Psycho 100

Now in middle school he is only aim or the things he wants to do is become friends with Tsubomi, the girl in his class. But along with that he also works with his mentor and fights evil spirits (ghosts and youkai) to realize the use of his power.

So this is the entire summary of the overall story of Mob Psycho 100 Anime. As i mentioned that he works with his mentor to fight evil spirits so that he could realizes the true use of his power but there is a twist in that. Mob’s mentor is just using him as minting machine to earn money.

In front of Mob he pretends to be a great psychic that’s above him, but in reality he has no psychic power at all. So he stays in constant fear that somebody would find out that he is posing as fake psychic.

Mob on the other hand is main character with emotionless poker face like Saitama from One Punch Man and he is overpowered psychic too. The only difference between those two is Saitama is “bald” and Mob has “hair.”

Mob Psycho 100 Anime
Mob Psycho 100 Anime

Because of the emotionless behavior of Mob his Mentor always fears him thinking that he might figure out that he is not psychic and is just using him. He always acts and behave cautiously around Mob.

Its just 2 episodes but this Anime already gives a feeling to us that its more than just action packed comedy. Not too much was revealed in the first two episodes of the story as it was just a base for the storyline.

The best thing they did with this Anime, is that they made this Anime according to its original artwork. “ONE” is not a skilled artist, he just draws like a person who have drawn it for the first time. One Punch Man was later illustrated by “Murata,” a Mangaka, so it had better artwork.

Mob Psycho 100 follows the original sluggish artwork of “ONE,” that’s why the Anime is true to its original artwork. What’s even more surprising that the art style suits the story of Mob Psycho 100 Anime series. In fact the Anime studio made great decision by making rough animation.

Wrapping up

For now i am really enjoying this Anime, i can’t really say anything to judge the series as its just started and only two episodes have been released i will later give review of an entire series. But so far i am enjoying this Anime, Anyways tell me how do you feel about this Anime series. Do you like it? or do you hate it? what you liked about this Anime and much more via comments. Now as for the ratings i would rate it 4.5/5 for now.

Ratings for the first two episode


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