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One Piece Film Gold new trailer – Sabo vs Rob Lucci & more!!

One Piece Film Gold New Trailer

One Piece Film Gold new trailer – The hype for new one piece film gold just got way beyond its limits when the new trailer of the movie was released. This new trailer features the best fight scenes of the movie among which, Chief staff or Revolutionary army Sabo vs CP0 Rob Lucci is now the talk of the entire Anime community.

One Piece Film Gold New Trailer

The last time we wrote about One Piece Film Gold was when we got some sneak peak on character designs and later we wrote on this topic when the first trailer was released.

Today this new trailer featuring the best fights of the movie is out, but before this trailer a new One Piece Film Gold OVA came which showcased the prologue of the movie showing the journey of “Strawhats” to “Grand Tesoro.”

The OVA episode had only 10 minutes of run time but it was enjoyable and fun to watch. Also once again this episode surprised us by showing growth of Nami and Robin in all category.

Previous sneak peak information release about One Piece Film Gold gave us a handful of information about the characters both old and new yet this trailer gives us more brief information about the characters.  I won’t go into much detail explaining but lets just say the antagonist of this movie is pretty good in all terms and has large influence on the world of One Piece.

He is big in name, big in fame and big in power, Comparing to the previous antagonist of movie “Z” this one has more influence in every way over the world government, pirates and shichibukai.

Also he gives tough fight to luffy and his crew and world government that even revolutionary army can’t ignore his overall influence.

Considering all the above information which we got from the trailer there is no doubt that One Piece Film Gold has created a hype way beyond its limits!


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