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ReLIFE Anime Review – Anime which gives you courage

ReLIFE Anime ReviewReLIFE is the Anime which is based on the term personality development, Its a special anime made for the people who live their life as NEET and shut-in or on a part time job. But at the same time this anime is heart warming. This Anime indeed gives you courage to live and courage to face the obstacles.  After watching the Anime i felt that the overall concept is similar to the Anime called “Welcome to N.H.K” the only difference is that ReLIFE has one unique element which makes it totally new and different from Welcome to N.H.K.


The story follows Kaizaki Arata, a 27-year-old jobless man, who fails at every job interview he had after quitting his last company. His life changes after he met Yoake Ryou of the ReLife Research Institute, who offered him a drug that can change his appearance to 17-years-old and to become a subject in an experiment for one year. Thus, he begins his life as a high school student once more.

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ReLIFE Anime Review

The story follows Kaizaki Arata, a 27 year old jobless man who fails at every interview he gave after he quit his last job. His life takes a complete new turn when he meets Yokae Ryou of the ReLIFE research institute. He offers him a drug that can change his appearance to 17 year old high school kid and asks him to become a subject of experiment specially made for NEET and Jobless people to get their life back. Arata accepts the contract and he once again starts his life as a third year high school student.

ReLIFE Anime - Funny Scene
ReLIFE Anime – Funny Scene

So basically the unique element in this Anime is that the protagonist of this Anime will turn back to high school kid and face the problem which current high school kids faces in their life and learn from the experience as well as help others around him. This Anime delivers us a message that nobody is born useless, the experience a person gets from his life determines that he is useful or useless.

I might be phrasing my description or message in a rude way but i feel that’s the right way to explain it because everyone experiences good and bad phases of life its just that half of the people choose to run away and half of the people choose to grow from it. ReLIFE is for people who choose to run away from obstacles and their reality and it offers them a chance to change themselves after that it all depends on those people.

RelIFE Anime Poster
RelIFE Anime Poster

Living life as an adult is tough because until school, college/university days we live life under a safety barrier once we cross that barrier we have to do everything our self. Some people are unable to face the pressure and some what try to run away and later become depressed. People feel that only if they could reset their life but that’s impossible, this anime shows you exactly what will happen if you get that chance, on the contrary this over concept will feel like superficial concept for those who are watching this Anime in their teens. But adult who will watch this Anime they can some what relate the Anime’s concept and story to their life and will realize what has changed in their life and around them.

I can personally guarantee this because i am not a teen anymore and have became a society person i can relate the experiences i had to this anime’s story and concept pretty accurately because of which this Anime becomes something that motivates me a lot. Its not only interesting funny and warm but at the same time it will force you to take a look at yourself which will benefit you a lot. Not even “Welcome to N.H.K” was able to do that well at least that’s what i think.

The Anime is very serious but comic scenes are the one that keeps anime the funniest and the funny scenes are timed extremely well. Main character get a chance to change his life well but re-starting life as a high school student is not easy as its seems he still has to face equal amount of problems in his high school life and seeing how he face the problems and try to cope up with modern high school life is funny as well as something from which you can learn.

ReLIFE Anime is made from web comic that’s why the author has made the series keeping its readers in his mind. Sometimes you see unusual changes in the story which actually has no relations to the actual plot and concept which gives you feel they are just extending the series because the editor staff wants the story to last long and yet with ReLIFE Anime and Web comic i don’t get such feeling. You can relate every episode with other episode and i will be honest i saw no plot holes every doubt i had was answered correctly and i thought the story was perfect.

ReLIFE Anime - Arata and Kazu
ReLIFE Anime – Arata and Kazu

Well the Anime do say that it has romance too but in reality it doesn’t focuses on the romance but the problems of main character and other high school kids and his friends and even his support team romance only come in picture at last episode. In my review i have only mentioned about the plus points that anime shows you once main character resets his life after taking the ReLIFE drug but on the contrary this anime also shows you its drawback which is a good thing and thanks to that it raises the viewer’s curiosity while watching Anime because of which its possible that you can watch the entire Anime in one go.

I personally have not read the web comic but i do checked it once i finished watching the Anime surprising the Anime covers around 80-90 chapters of web comic in mere 13 episodes and after that there are only 30-40 chapters so there won’t be a second season for a while.

Wrapping up

This Anime is perfectly 10 on 10 yet the number of chapter this Anime covers in mere 13 episodes gives me a feeling that the makers have skipped out on lots of  important content that i think people would have love to see. But since this review is only on the Anime and i think they perfectly adapted the web comic without skipping any important details so i would give this Anime a perfect score.

Overall Anime Rating


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