Naruto Hokage

Naruto Shippuden Anime is near its end – Final thoughts on last ride!!

Naruto Shippuden Anime end is near and now from September 8 onwards we are moving towards the final battle of Naruto vs Sasuke. Despite of its disappointing fillers and flashbacks i can still say that this show gave us a great ride and some everlasting moments. I would like to share my final thoughts on

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Ajin Anime season 2

Ajin season 2 release is slated for October 7 along with New Visual

Ajin Season 2 – The official website of Ajin Anime series revealed that the second season of Ajin Anime will be released on October 7. The official website also unveiled new key visual for the premier second season of Ajin Anime series. Synopsis Mysterious immortal humans known as “Ajin” first appeared 17 years ago in

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Black clover manga

Black Clover Manga Anime Adaptation Confirmed at Anime Festa

Black Clover Manga – The official website of Jump Special Anime Festa Event confirmed an Anime screening event for the Black clover manga.┬áThe event will also feature new “Work video” for the Anime “Food Wars : Shokugeki No Soma,” and will also feature special event featuring the original event anime episode of “Boku No Hero

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Akame Ga Kill Manga

Akame Ga Kill Manga will end on its 15th Volume in winter

Akame Ga Kill Manga – Many good Manga ended this year which includes, Bleach, Nisekoi and Okami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji and looks like we got another one which is now near to its end. The 14th compiled volume of Akame Ga Kill manga confirmed that the 15th volume of the Manga will be last

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Haikyuu Second Season

Haikyuu Season 3 – Release date Promo Video and Character Previews

Haikyuu Season 3 – By the end of the season 2 of Haikyuu Anime we got a news that Haikyuu is getting season 3 by the fall of 2016. Today we got some more details about the third season of the Haikyuu Anime which includes, Promotional video which previews the characters and the members of

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Pokemon XYZ - Ash vs Alain

Pokemon XYZ – Ash looses another pokemon league thanks to marketing!!

Pokemon XYZ – Pokemon franchise is at its peak of the glory even after 2 decades i.e 20 years our main character Ash/Satoshi is still fighting for his dream of becoming a great pokemon master of all time and even after 20 years he is still not succeeding. Thanks to the marketing strategy of real

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