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5 Japanese dishes easy to make – You can try at home

5 Japanese dishes easy to make

5 Japanese dishes easy to make – So lately i have been addicted to cooking and experimenting with lots of recipes with help of my mom, thanks to Shokugeki No Soma. Even my own mom is surprised with my addiction but she is somewhat happy. So here i am going to share some Japanese dishes that are easy to make at home (well since this is a website about Anime and Anime originated form Japan).

5 Japanese dishes easy to make

Well certainly i did said that Shokugeki No Soma made me addicted to cooking but there was two more anime responsible for making me addicted to cooking and that’s “Chuuka Ichiban” also known as “Cooking master boy” and “Mister Ajikko” also known as “Born to cook.”

1. Tamagoyaki : Egg rolls


This is the first dish i tried making at home and its pretty simple to make. You can also use round pan to make this dish, if you don’t have square pan. Although the toughest part in this is to role the omlet, if you are not able to do it properly then the omlet will break. Watch the video : How to make Tamagoyaki.

2. Omurice


This is the second dish which i tried to make with my mom, since am not good with handling chicken. I personally went with chicken, You can watch the video here : How to make chicken Omurice. PS – It taste good without chicken too. Just use veg rice instead of chicken and wrap it with omlet. Again wrapping the omlet is one of the toughest part so you have to be careful.

3. Korokke (Veg and non-veg both)


Well my mother made this yesterday, A veg version, if you want you can use meat instead of vegetables to make it Non-vegetarian. Watch the video : Vegetable Korokke Japanese style.

4. Oyakodon


Oyakodon mean child and parent bowl, this dish also has another name and that is – “Chicken egg rice bowl.” Another simple and easy to make Japanese dish and its probably the best choice if you have no idea on what you should eat for lunch. Watch the video here : How to make Oyakodon.

5. Cha-han (veg and non-veg both)


Chanhan literally translates to fried rice, you can make veg fried rice or non-veg fried rice using meat if you want. Its one of the simplest recipe that we even make in India. But this time its Japanese style, Watch the video here : How to make Chahan.

Well i am no cooking expert, my mom did more work than me. But these are the 5 Japanese dishes that are easy to make. I wrote a similar article which shows Top 10 Japanese dishes you must try eating, and i guess this would be my last one. I guess i won’t share such article anymore until i won’t learn to cook by myself 😀

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