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Blood Lad Manga will end in the month of september

Blood Lad Manga

Blood Lad Manga The September issue of Kodakawa’s young ace magazine is revealing on Thursday that the Vampire comedy manga or you can say Blood Lad Manga will end in magazine’s next issue which Kodakawa is going to publish in the month of September i.e 4th September 2016.


The vampire Staz is one of the most powerful district bosses in the demon world, fending off everyone who dares challenge him. But secretly, the fearsome Staz is obsessed with human culture, especially video games, manga, and everything that comes from Japan! When a Japanese girl wanders into the demon world, Staz can’t wait to meet the human and learn everything he can about her world. Unfortunately, before he’s able to ask her anything, the girl is killed by one of his would-be usurpers, leaving just her bare soul behind. Staz vows to help the girl restore her body and return to her former life—especially since it means taking a trip to the human world himself!

(Source: Yen Press)

Blood Lad Manga Details

The Manga author is Kodama Yuuki, Kodama launched this Manga in Kodakawa’s Young Ace Magazine in the year of 2009, later in 2013 it was adapted into television Anime series. Viz media streamed the series on Hulu as it aired in Japan and released it on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc in September 2014. The Manga also inspired an OVA Episode. The Manga also got a spinoff known as “Bloody Brat” which Yen Press Published it later in North America along with the original manga.

The Manga never inspired a second season because the first season of the Anime series performed bad in Japan. Compared to Manga the Anime series was quite underwhelming and was not that much interesting, although as a comedy series i liked the Anime series but the balance between story, comedy and action was not stable in fact it was pretty unstable.

Anyways tell me what do you think about this Manga as well as Anime, Do you like it? or Do you hate it? or Did you find the Manga and Anime underwhelming? or Did you find Manga much better than the Anime?


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