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Boruto Manga cover – Boruto in Kurama Mode! Naruto’s death confirmed!

Boruto Naruto Kurama Mode

Boruto Manga cover – When the first chapter of Boruto Manga came out, we gave a brief review on it, the first chapter tells that some guy called Nawaki actually managed to kill Naruto, the half of the Konoha village was also destroyed. For all Naruto fans death of their beloved character Naruto was something they could not digest and even we were the same.

In that review we mentioned about how Naruto must have faked his death and must be trying to investigate more on Nawaki. Naruto achieved the power of Sage of six paths and was strongest of all shinobi in the entire shinobi world. If Nawaki did managed to kill him. he must have laid some kind of trap for him or he must have achieved some kind of equal level of power.

Furthermore that chapter also tells us that he has “Byakugan” in his left eye and a scar on it which is a sign that his Byakugan is borrowed from someone else. Today we got some more news regarding the same topic.

Update : Boruto Manga Chapter 2-5 Review

Boruto Manga cover sample details

This is the sample cover of the first volume of Boruto Manga, which shows Boruto in Kurama Mode, Mitsuki in Sage Mode and Sarada with Mangekyo Sharingan (or it might be a normal sharingan, i am not sure since its not clearly visible). With this sample cover we get a solid confirmation that Boruto will inherit Kurama from Naruto in future chapter. So even if Nawaki didn’t manage to kill Naruto, the extraction of “Tail Beast” and passing its power and possession to Boruto itself will result in the death of Naruto.

Update : Boruto Manga Chapter 2-5 Review

So it might happen, that Naruto must be fatally wounded in battle with Nawaki and he must have decided to entrusted his legacy to his son Boruto. Furthermore the above sample cover also shows that Boruto has two Byakugan instead of a single Byakugan. This might be an indication that, Boruto will activate Byakugan in future chapter.

Boruto Manga Cover
Boruto Manga Cover

The prediction which indicates that his Byakugan is borrowed might be wrong because the sample cover shows both of his Byakugan and no scar on his left eye. So it might happen that Boruto’s left eye must have gotten scar on it and he must have replaced an eye. If we assume that Hinata and Himawari are alive, then it might be possible that he must have borrowed “Neji’s eye” which must have been preserved after his death or Hinata and Himawari if one of those two must have died that Boruto must have borrowed the eye from them.

Update : Boruto Manga Chapter 2-5 Review

We also have Mistuki in sage mode which indicates that he will play a big role in this series and finally its Sarada, well we really can’t figure out if that’s a normal sharingan or Mangekyo Sharingan. But if she were to activate Mangekyo Sharingan its possible that Sakura, or Sasuke or someone else close to her must have died. After the first chapter, i gave up reviewing on Boruto Manga since the Manga has been going through Boruto Naruto the Movie flashback.

It might be possible that the Manga is telling us about Naruto’s life as an Hokage from Boruto’s point of view, Since Naruto is no more alive. I’ve been keeping touch with the latest chapters of Manga and its still going through Boruto Naruto the Movie flashback. So as soon as something interesting comes out i will be sure to give a review about it.

Update : Boruto Manga Chapter 2-5 Review

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