Dragon Ball Heroes Trailer shows Zamasu as Master of Black Goku

Dragon Ball Heroes Trailer – For those who are going to read this post just let me warn you that this post itself is a huge spoiler.  Yesterday we wrote our latest review on Dragon Ball Episode 51-53 and it explained why we think Kaioshin Zamasu from Universe 10 is Goku Black. But it seems that you have to forget everything written in that post because of a trailer which shows Goku vs Goku Black in Future Trunks Timeline.

Dragon Ball Heroes Trailer Details

It looks like at some sort of public screening in Japan, they revealed trailer of dragon ball heroes which shows the fight of Goku vs Black Goku in Future Trunks timeline. But this video shows that Zamasu the Kioshin from universe 10 is not Black Goku. In fact they are two separate beings and Zamasu is the master of Goku Black, Its just like the relationship of Babidi and Majin Buu. We found this video on Facebook Page, but now the question is “If Black Goku is not a Saiyan he is not a god or kaioshin then who in the world he is?”

There is total 99% of chance that they are going to show Zamasu as Master of Black Goku in the Anime too but Dragon Ball Heroes is known for showing many different things that are not related to the original Anime hence we are not that sure but if they are really going to show the same thing in the Anime too then this new trailer is just like a big spoiler for Dragon Ball Super fans.

Just an hour ago we posted about the new transformation of Black Goku which is termed as Super Saiyan Pink. Although its really not clear that they are going to reveal this new transformation in the Anime or not but the official artwork drawn by “Bandai” has been released in Japan for sweets (candy) which they are distributing in Japan and it shows super saiyan pink transformation.

Goku Black Super Saiyan Pink
Goku Black Super Saiyan Pink

In that article i mentioned about how this image of Super Saiyan Pink transformation of Black Goku might be a foreshadowing which shows what will happen in Anime, we think that this trailer might be the same and is in fact a foreshadowing.

Anyways do tell us what do you think about this new trailer of Dragon ball heroes, Do you think that the same thing will happen in Anime as its shown in trailer?

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