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Eiichiro Oda First TV Interview 2016 on One Piece Film Gold watch now

Eiichiro Oda Interview

Eiichiro Oda – So we got our hands on the first television interview of Eiichiro Oda of this year. Technically this is Oda’s first television interview and even in this interview his face was not shown. Because he agreed to give the interview on that one condition.

For oda it was his childhood dream and goal to draw a pirate manga, this interview tells everything about why, how and when he began to draw one piece and what one piece really meant for him and everything about his journey that is till continuing even after 19 years of the serialization of the One Piece Manga.  He also shares his views on the recent movie One Piece Film Gold. The entire interview has hard coded English subtitles so enjoy watching it.

Eiichiro Oda First TV Interview Eng Sub

In this interview, Eiichiro Oda has answered to many questions like
i. How does he come up with the idea of drawing one piece
ii. Has he set the final episode of One Piece already?
iii. How many percentage has he finished?
iv: How does he do to refresh himself when faced with bottleneck
v. what does One Piece mean to you and etc.

from the interview, it is not hard to find out that Eiichiro Oda is a very serious and dedicated author. His answer on he always wishes to get over a bottleneck as soon as possible so to not drag his assistant has reflected this.

Like he said in the interview, he wishes to complete One Piece nicely and make it an acceptable one for everyone who is reading it.

(Source – Youtube)


We were surprised to see how simple person Eiichiro oda really is, He even gave the interview wearing his wooden slippers (Getta). Throughout the entire interview he remains as humble as possible and he tells us how highly he thinks of his fans and his readers.


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