Goku Black new transformation is Super Saiyan Pink??

Goku Black – Yesterday we wrote our latest review on Dragon Ball Episode 51-53 and it explained why we think Kaioshin Zamasu from Universe 10 is Goku Black. And today the news came out which showed Goku Black’s Super Saiyan Transformation.

Although Goku Black is not a Saiyan and he said it himself and that too two times – First time was when he ambushed future trunks in episode 47, he said, “Today is the day you stop breathing, Saiyan!” A Saiyan never calls himself a Saiyan which gave us a confirmation that Black is not a Saiyan he is someone else. The second time was more shocking when before fighting with our Goku he said that – “I always wanted to fight you when i got this (Goku’s) body” When Goku asked him what did he meant, he said that he does not need to know.

Goku Black Super Saiyan Pink

Now they are going to introduce a new transformation to Black and that’s transformation is Super Saiyan Pink. Yes you read it right! So there is one question that everyone has in their minds ever since they heard the news about the new Super Saiyan Pink transformation and that is – “If Black is not a Saiyan how can he transform into a super saiyan?”

Goku Black Super Saiyan Pink
Goku Black Super Saiyan Pink

Although its really not clear that they are going to reveal this new transformation in the Anime or not but the official artwork drawn by “Bandai” has been released in Japan for sweets (candy) which they are distributing in Japan and it shows super saiyan pink transformation.  This might be foreshadowing of what is going to happen in Anime, or it might be just an artwork that supports the promotion and sales of the candy that they are distributing in Japan and the color of the hair of the new transformation is pink which must have been made to match the color of the candy.

Opinion of our team

First we will answer the question we mentioned earlier in this post – “If Black is not a Saiyan how can he transform into a super saiyan?”

We think that the new transformation of Black is not a super saiyan transformation, its some other type of transformation because of which the hair becomes pink in color and in a shape of a super saiyan, Since Black is borrowing Goku’s body and he has same hair as Goku.

What we meant to say is that the transformation is not a super saiyan but it just looks like the super saiyan. It might be equivalent to Super Saiyan Blue since Black is also god.

So anyways do tell us what do you think about this super saiyan pink, personally like many other fans are preferring, i also would like to prefer super saiyan white instead of super saiyan pink but it does look badass even if its in pink.

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