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Masashi Kishimoto might announce his new project this year!!

Masashi Kishimoto – In an interview featuring Masashi Kishimoto that is appearing in the second issue of Shounen Jump GIGA, earlier known as Shounen Jump NEXT or Jump NEXT magazine on saturday. Mangaka Masashi Kishimoto the original author of world famous series Naruto has confirmed that he might announce his next project this year. Although he did mentioned that there is no definite date for the announcement.

Masashi Kishimoto – New Project

Last year Masashi Kishimoto attended New York Comic Con and during an event he confirmed that he is working on a new project and that’s new project is going to be a science fiction Manga series. He also said that he is going to write the series on “Monthly Basis” rather than writing it on a “Weekly Basis,” as his body and mind cannot handle the overall stress that comes while writing the series on weekly basis.

In this new interview featured in the second issue of Shounen Jump GIGA magazine, Kishimoto confirmed that he is already done research on his new project and a definite amount of blue print for the story had been laid out. He also gave a message on a Sci-fi Manga called Levius which roughly translates to : “Levius/est, New work is on the way, Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto)”

Masashi Kishimoto's Message on New Scifi Manga
Masashi Kishimoto’s Message on New Scifi Manga

During the preview screening of Boruto: Naruto the Movie, voice actress of Boruto Sanpei Yukiko mentioned that she wanted to see more about Boruto and hence she was urging Kishimoto to continue the Manga. Kishimoto with a wry smile answered , that he can’t do it and said – “Please, let me rest.”

Ikemoto Mikie launched the Boruto Manga continuing the story of Naruto, which stirred the people with curiousness excitement and anger because of the sudden twist which forecasts Naruto’s death. Kishimoto is supervising the Manga.


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