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Naruto Shippuden Anime is near its end – Final thoughts on last ride!!

Naruto Hokage

Naruto Shippuden Anime end is near and now from September 8 onwards we are moving towards the final battle of Naruto vs Sasuke. Despite of its disappointing fillers and flashbacks i can still say that this show gave us a great ride and some everlasting moments. I would like to share my final thoughts on the series now that it is near its end, i would try to be least emotional and a more logical about my opinon on the series so far. Some of you may disagree with my view on the series but i hope you will read it out.

Naruto Shippuden Anime story and the filler coverage

As far as the story is concerned when it comes to Manga there were lots of unanswered questions because of which there were just too many plot holes. I have to admit that studio did some great job by answering those question by creating fillers about them. By eliminating all the unnecessary fillers, i think Itachi’s story and Story about Otsutsuki Kaguya and Sage of six paths Hagoromo and his brother Hamura and then the story about Indra and Ashura which we got to see by the end of the series were the most important fillers related to the story of the series which does the job of filling all the major plot holes.

Naruto Episode 462 - Madara and Kaguya
Naruto Episode 462 – Madara and Kaguya

It would have been much better, if they would have made Itachi’s story mix with the episodes of Naruto shippuden which briefly showed Itachi’s past right after his death. The rest of the fillers which includes the filler on the third tail beast “Isobu” which involved Orochimaru and Gurren and the flashbacks and remastered episode with different storytelling and the fillers on 6 tail jinchuriki “Utakata” were not needed instead they should have made fillers on the “Uzumaki Clan.”

The untold story of Uzumaki clan

Just like i mentioned earlier ” Itachi’s story and Story about Otsutsuki Kaguya and Sage of six paths Hagoromo and his brother Hamura and then the story about Indra and Ashura which we got to see by the end of the series were the most important fillers related to the story of the series which does the job of filling all the major plot holes.”

But still there are some plot holes and they are all related to Uzumaki clan. During Naruto’s meeting with Kushina, She mentioned that she (Kushina) was from the whirlpool village and the major clan which ruled that village was Uzumaki clan. The Uzumaki and Senju clan were distant blood relatives and they both had peaceful relations, Uzumaki clan were specialized in sealing techniques and were best known for their longevity. All Uuzumaki’s were born with red hair, First Hokage’s wife was the first Jinchuriki of Nine Tails.

The uzumaki clan
The uzumaki clan

After that all we know that the clan was destroyed by other nations and surviving members scattered themselves throughout the globe. The story’s main focus were Uchiha and Senju clan which were the descendants of Indra and Ashura. Since Uchiha was created by Indra and Senju was created by Ashura, if so then Uzumaki who are the distant blood relatives of Senju who created them? and how did they became distant blood relatives with Senju?

The clan was strong enough to be feared by other shinobi nations and was ultimately destroyed, i think ignoring Uzumaki clan and its background is one of the major drawback of the series. So instead of the unnecessary flashbacks and remastered episodes it would have been much better if we would have got to know more about Uzumaki clan.

The unexplained relationship between Nagato and Madara

If the Untold story of Uzumaki clan is one of the major plot hole that has been left open then i guess the relationship between Nagato and Madara is the second major plot hole. While Madara did explained to Obito that he gave his rinnegan to Uzumaki Nagato but it still didn’t gave a complete explanation.

Naruto shippuden anime - Uchiha Madara
Naruto shippuden anime – Uchiha Madara

It seems really odd that if you go with words which Madara told to Obito – “I gave my Rinnegan to Nagato,” its not like Madara must’ve gone to Nagato’s home and must have transferred his power to Nagato something must have happened in between which is not made clear because of which the story becomes really awkward if you ask me.

Itachi’s disease

After Itachi died, Obito told Sasuke that “Itachi was sick and the disease was incurable. He was going to die anyway it doesn’t matter if you killed him or not.” And those words were actually true because between the fight of Itachi vs Sasuke, we saw that Itachi had some real sloppy movements and he was unable to dodge few attacks that he would have dodged easily.

Naruto shippuden anime - Uchiha Itachi
Naruto shippuden anime – Uchiha Itachi

Even Zetsu made it clear. Despite the fillers on Itachi’s past and his other flashbacks the details about his disease and how he got affected with was still not made clear. While not much importance was given on this part i think its one of the most significantly important detail that fans would have appreciated.

Clarification of Otsutsuki clan

The final unanswered mystery is about the origins of Otsutsuki clan, In Manga it was made clear that Kaguya was a princess which ate the fruit of divine tree and gain the power of chakra to stop the war. In fillers it was elaborated and we got to know much more about Otsutsuki clan and their later descendants. But fillers stated that Otsutsuki clan members are practically aliens which started the history of shinobi on planet earth. Since this was stated in filler there is no credibility in sticking to the story, the explanation was not satisfying enough and felt that it has no solid base.

Naruto Shippuden 460-461 Episodes
Naruto Shippuden 460-461 Episodes

So i don’t really think that fillers about kaguya should be considered as relevant explanation to her background. Because if we do then alien invasion would become the ultimate reason for the history of shinobi and that would be absurd. On the other hand Hagoromo and Hamura and Indra and Ashura’s past feels like a relevant story material because their background setting completely matches with the story. Its only Kaguya who feels out of the place when we consider her background to the story we know so far.

Wrapping up

Naruto Shippuden originally had of lot of relevant story material on which the studio could’ve have made some great fillers which would have explained the unanswered questions and filled the major plot wholes mentioned above. But they certainly screwed up with the timing and some unnecessary fillers and remastered episodes which was not necessary. Personally i think the Anime was great, it did lost some edge at the end but i think this silly mistake would have been easily avoidable if they would have focused on the story more, observe the plot holes and would have filled it with an appropriate fillers.

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