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Naruto Shippuden no filler this month – August 11 to September 8

Naruto Shippuden No Filler - Naruto vs Sasuke Final Fight

Naruto Shippuden No Filler – Just 2 weeks ago Naruto Shippuden ended with Hatake Kakashi’s first ever unmasked appearance and soon after that we got news that Naruto Shippuden Epilogue Light Novels is getting a new Anime adaptation that’s set two years after the final fight between Naruto and Sasuke.

We decided to stay on guard since we thought that after few episodes they might start showing fillers again but now it looks like that’s not the case in fact now they are really heading towards the end of the series. To prove that we got new schedule of Naruto Shippuden between August 11 to September 8 which shows us that there are all canon episode and no filler episodes this month.

Naruto Shippuden No Filler Episode – Schedule

Episode NoTitle of the EpisodeRelease date
471The Two of Them… AlwaysAugust 11
472You Will Surely…August 18
473Sharingan, Once More…August 25
474CongratulationsSeptember 1
475The Valley of the EndSeptember 8

The above given dates and episode numbers are all legit, but the title of the episode may change depending upon the translations.

(source –

Naruto vs Sasuke Final Fight - Jump Carnival 2016
Naruto vs Sasuke Final Fight – Jump Carnival 2016

So, four more episodes and kaguya will be defeated and then we can all see the final fight of Naruto vs Sasuke which will finally start in the month of September. It looks like the Anime is going to cover the episodes until the fight between Naruto and Sasuke end. After that it will show 2 years time skip and will start a new Anime based on Hidden story books/novels which will have wedding episode of Hinata and Naruto. To know more about it please visit this link – Naruto Shippuden New Anime coming this winter. After that it will cover the final episode in which they will show about the next generation.

Naruto vs Sasuke Final Fight Preview - Jump Carnival 2016
Naruto vs Sasuke Final Fight Preview – Jump Carnival 2016

This news is true because the even showed the preview in Jump Victory Carnival 2016 hosted in Japan. Also new key visuals were released earlier featuring final fight between Naruto and Sasuke.

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