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One Piece Film Gold Review – Intense One Piece Movie Ever!!

One Piece Fim Gold Review

One Piece Film Gold Review – So i guess i was quite lucky this time because i got the chance to watch the new one piece film gold earlier than i have expected, So today i decided to review it for you guys. I would try to keep the review spoiler free as much as possible, although there might be few things which i may not able to review without revealing some scenes, so you have to excuse me for that. I would try my best to keep the spoiler as small as possible so lets begin.

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Set in Gran Tesoro, an independent country chartered by the World Government, home of the world’s greatest entertainment city where well-known pirates, Marines, and millionaires throughout the world gather in an “absolute sanctuary” that even the World Government can’t touch.

There, the Straw Hat Pirates meet the ruler of the country, the golden emperor, Gild Tesoro, who easily wins pirates, the Marines, and even the World Government over to his side with money. He is about to take action to satisfy his bottomless ambition which may result in major changes in power relationships in the New World.

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One Piece Film Gold Review

If you have watched the One Piece Special Episode – Heart of Gold, you may understand how Strawhats  got the invitation to Gran Tesoro, One of the biggest entertainment city that even world government cannot touch. The story of the movie itself tells that its going to have a big impact on the world of One Piece and the center of attraction, the Strawhats will now face the big bosses of the world government.

One Piece Fim Gold Review - Baccarat
One Piece Fim Gold Review – Baccarat

The movie started with bang, the moment the strawhats entered Gran Tesoro they clashed with a pirate crew, after defeating them they got a tour of the entertainment city with a special escort. Her name is Baccarat who ate “Lucky Lucky Fruit” The setting of “Gran Tesoro” is based on “Las Vegas,” its one of the biggest entertainment city which was approved by world government but instead of calling it a city, i should say that its one of the biggest ship in the world that has entire city on it.

One Piece Film Gold Review - Gild Tesoro
One Piece Film Gold Review – Gild Tesoro

Such big feat was possible only because of one person and his name is “Gild Tesoro” who ate the “Gol Gol Fruit” a paramecia type fruit which can produce gold and can convert anything into gold and he can control the gold he produced like Garra’s sand. He is the antagonist of the movie and it is said that he possess around 20% of the money from the entire world. He buys anything with money he has and that’s why he made sure that once Gran Tesoro was complete he got it approved as an independent nation or city furthermore he made sure that Pirates and Navy can enjoy their time there so a special rule was made for that purpose and that was Navy won’t catch pirates inside Gran Tesoro.

One Piece Fim Gold Review - Strawhats Swag
One Piece Fim Gold Review – Strawhats Swag

Thanks to that the strawhats are able to enjoy gambling as much as they want. They also earn quite good money, Since the setting of Gran Tesoro is based on Las Vegas city. The creators of the movie made sure to give you the exact feel and entertainment from Gran Tesoro while you’re watching the movie. In short it makes you feel that you are in Las Vegas and the movie also follows this old saying “What happens in vegas, stays in vegas.” On the front it may seems that Gran Tesoro is just an entertainment city but on the back side all the things from the underground world take place. Gild Tesoro also had some special plans for strawhats which becomes the main reason between the confrontation of strawhats and the members of Gran Tesoro.

One Piece Fim Gold Review - Nami and Carnia
One Piece Fim Gold Review – Nami and Carnia

The big reveal of this movie was that this movie is linked to Nami’s past, and we get to see some fragments of Nami’s past that was never shown in One Piece. Nami despite being a supportive member of strawhats takes center stage in battles this time because of her friend from her theif days her name is Carnia who was a member of Grand Tesoro then later sided with Strawhats. While Nami does not really play much big roles in battle but she helps to stir the things up. One of them is Luffy’s anger and i should thank her for doing that because that’s what convince Luffy to go in Gear Fourth.

One Piece - Gear Fourth
One Piece – Gear Fourth

One of the greatest traits of One Piece and its movies is that there were some antagonist in the series and the movie for whom we had little sympathy in our heart after we saw their sad past. This time it was not the same thing Gild Tesoro had a sad past which made him the evil and selfish but this time Oda and film makers made sure that viewers will not have a single shred of sympathy for him. Well atleast i did not have any sympathy for Gild Tesoro even after seeing his sad past.


One Piece Film Gold Review - Luffy Angry
One Piece Film Gold Review – Luffy Angry

The fight scenes are well executed basically it will give you goosebumps which you can’t get enough of.

  • Luffy vs Gild Tesoro

Gild Tesoro is not a haki user which is not really disappointing because the abilities of his devil fruit are more than enough to give tough fight to Luffy and Zorro. Although when Luffy was in Gear Fourth Gild Tesoro tried his best to give a fight to luffy but as expected Gear Fourth was too much for him to handle. But Tesoro was strong, so strong that at the end even Rob Lucci admits that he was a monster.

  • Luffy vs Spandam

This scene was the small but it was funniest entertainer of the entire movie, Luffy punches right in the face of Spandam, and buries him into ground. “You’re in a way, Get out!” just like that

  • Sanji and Robin vs Mr. Tanaka

Mr. Tanaka manages the internal security of Gran Tesoro, he ate the Nuke Nuke fruit, he confronts Robin and Sanji but i am surprised that this time it was Robin who became the center of attraction and Sanji just helped her to give the finishing blow.

  • Zorro vs Dice

Dice is strong guy and has quite a muscle power, In just pure strength comparison Dice might be stronger than Zorro but compared to swordsmanship Zorro is far above him. And today for the first time we got to know that Zorro can fight without swords!! He used “Bare Handed Style” and used “Black Rope Dragon Twister.”

  • Chopper, Ussop and Brook  Franky vs Baccarat

As i mentioned earlier Baccarat acts as an escort but at the end she confronts Chopper, Ussop and Brook and Franky. She is not strong but her devil fruit ability makes her quite troublesome opponent. She ate Lucky Lucky Devil Fruit and her ability is whoever she touches, whether its living or non-living the luck of that thing or person changes the instant she touch. But ussop made sure to defeat her.

  • Rob Lucci vs Sabo

Rob Lucci vs Sabo was one of the most anticipated moments of the movie, but sadly they did not get much screen time. Although Sabo’s entrance was one of the most epic thing to watch and he used ace’s signature move “Hi-ken” which is also known as “Fire fist.”

Art and Animation and others

The art and animation of the movie is extremely good,  Nami and Robin will make sure you get enough nosebleed while watching the movie. Personally i liked the character and costume designs, Kinda gives a mature and rich feel to strawhats.

Wrapping up

One Piece Movie Strong World had the greatest impact on me, so much that i was not able to stop thinking about it for almost two days and now One Piece Film Gold gave a similar impact. Well according to me truly it was the best one piece movie i have ever watched.

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Movie Rating – 4.8/5

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