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Peach Girl Manga gets sequel on August 12 and Live Action Movie in 2017

Peach Girl Manga This year’s 16th issue of Kodansha’s “Be-Love Magazine” announced on Monday that “Ueda Miwa” will serialize a new manga which will be a sequel to the original manga of “Peach Girl” titled as “Peach Girl Next” in the next issue of the Magazine on August 12.

Peach Girl Manga Sequel and Live Action Movie Details

The new sequel manga of peach girl, named as peach girl next, is originally set 10 years later where the original story ended. The original peach girl manga we know is based on the average high school girl known as “Momo” a tanned high school girl. She has a crush on a boy from a school known as “Toji” and she heard that he only likes “Non-tanned” girl. Everyone thinks that Momo usually sleeps around because of her tanned skin, but the actual reason of her being tanned is that she was in a swimming team and tans very easily.

Peach Girl Manga
Peach Girl Manga

Momo has a very low self esteem personality and always think of being a girl that Toji like, But her best friend Sae actually likes making her life miserable behind her back because of which she always get into trouble. Momo and Toji eventually fall in love with each other but Sae once again steps in between them to make Momo’s life miserable. Another boy named Kairi always helps Momo to get her out of troubling situation. Momo and Toji eventually breaks up as Toji believes Sae instead of Momo. During that period of stalemate Momo falls in love with Kairi who was always with her and believed her even more than Toji and eventually Kairi also falls in love with Momo.

At the end Toji realizes it was Sae who was wrong and not Momo but it was to late, because Momo has already moved on so he eventually gives up on Momo and that’s where the Manga ends. As i mentioned earlier that the sequel is based 10 years later after this story and here is the synopsis of that sequel.


It’s been 10 years since Momo and Kairi got together. The two are counting the days until their wedding, but Sae suddenly appears, and Toji along with her. The love of the four 27-year olds begins again! Don’t miss the love hurricane!

(Source – ANN)

The original shoujo manga peach girl ran in “Kodansha’s Bessasstu Friend Magazine” from the issue of October 1997 till the issue of January 2004 issue “Ueda Miwa” also published a spinoff manga based on “Sae,” Momo’s friend. The Manga was named as “Sae’s story.” Tokyopop published both original manga and its spinoff in North America which sold over 13 Million Print. The original manga was split into two parts first was Peach Girl and the second one was Peach Girl – Change of heart.

The series was adapted as a live-action drama in Taiwan in 2001 and a Japanese television anime series in 2005. Funanimation released the Anime adaptation. And now the Japanese Live Action Movie of Peach Girl will also make its debut next year in 2017.

(News Source – ANN and Mantan Web)

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