Pokemon XYZ - Ash vs Alain

Pokemon XYZ – Ash looses another pokemon league thanks to marketing!!

Pokemon XYZ – Pokemon franchise is at its peak of the glory even after 2 decades i.e 20 years our main character Ash/Satoshi is still fighting for his dream of becoming a great pokemon master of all time and even after 20 years he is still not succeeding. Thanks to the marketing strategy of real world the guy has probably turned into World’s Number 01 sore looser.

I used to watch Pokemon on television like 10 years ago and after seeing Ash loosing every major pokemon league in the series i soon lost the interest and then i gave up.

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Pokemon XYZ – Why ash/satoshi looses all the time?

This is not one of the biggest question in the entire history of pokemon but its still an important. As i said i soon lost interest in the series after seeing ash loosing every major pokemon league but still i was keeping an eye on the end results of every season to note down the season, “In which ash will win.” So that i could binge watch i. Ash, Brock and Misty went their separate ways but Brock was kinda sticking with Ash for some few more seasons but at the endĀ of Diamond and Pearl or Black and White (Don’t know which season) Brock did said that he wanted to become a Pokemon Doctor and then Ash said that he will become Pokemon Master.

I though now we will finally see Ash win because Misty became a Gym Leader, Brock becoming a Pokemon Doctor and Tracy is like work with Professor Oak and Garry Oak left the dream of becoming Pokemon master and now he studying to become Pokemon scientist like his grandfather and then Pokemon XYZ started and when Ash finally reached up to the finals of a major pokemon league because that’s the closest he went, everyone including me and people who gave up and who kept with the series for so long started to think that he is finally gonna do it.

Guess we all were duped with the false hype, the latest Pokemon XYZ episode 38 confirmed that Ash/Satoshi looses in the finals of the Pokemon league. My reasons for supporting Ash’s win was 50-50, like 50% of me was thinking he would win and the other 50% was thinking he would loose because of which i was not hyped as much as i thought i would be but its still disappointing.

Pokemon is Anime for kids but guess what? the producers and creators of pokemon are not thinking of the kids that have grown up watching Pokemon. Personally i think that the reason for making Ash loose every major pokemon league is that they want to keep Pokemon running as long as its possible and for best way of doing that is keeping Ash as the main character of the series. Ash as a Main character has became a brand because of which people can remember Pokemon and if they show him win i guess the story won’t last long enough. After that all they can do is show Ash winning against Elite 4 and show him becoming the greatest Pokemon Master.

Pokemon XYZ
Pokemon XYZ

Since i have been studying marketing for few months one thing i got to understand that people will only buy something when a particular product will give a great impact, feeling and impression. In Pokemon’s case, Ash and Pikachu acts as an identifier for Pokemon and Pokemon related products, these two characters give a nostalgic feeling to people and kids like them too. At least in Japan majority of people including adults, teenagers and of course kids are fan of Pokemon and the situation is same outside Japan too.

So people buy goods as long as they can remember about Pokemon. If Pokemon ends, people will buy anything related to Pokemon till 8-10 months after its ending, the period may even extend to 1 year but after that there will be a gradual decrease in sales.

Well they won’t ultimately stop buying but yes, the decrease in sales will be clearly visible to people. If we exclude kids of this generation people born in 90’s are still watching Pokemon because of nostalgia or something else and the best thing they can remember about Pokemon is Ash and Pikachu. This is majorĀ reason the producers and makers of Pokemon are not letting Ash win any major Pokemon league, like i said earlier, because if they do they won’t have enough story to write on him and they would have no choice but to wrap up the series. So all it comes down to “Money.” Maybe saying Money was bit rude thing and i will apologize for that but seriously!! Its been 20 years people and still no “Major win!”

To prove my reasoning go watch episode 38 of Pokemon XYZ. The current loss of ash doesn’t even make sense logically. Well anyways the last courtesy i can do to Ash is congratulate him getting close to winning!! Because that’s the closest he have gotten. Anyways do tell me via comments what do you think about the current topic and the condition of Pokemon and what are going to do now that Ash has lost?

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