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Strike the blood OVA Series PV cast and staff and much more

Strike the Blood OVA

Strike the blood OVA Series – Last time we announced that Strike the blood Anime series is getting new OVA series which will be 4 volumes long and each volume will have 2 episodes each. The first and second episodes of the first volume is slated for November 23 and now the promotional video for the first volume is released!! along with the names of voice casts (Voice Actors) and other staff members.

This new OVA series has also introduced some new characters and the promotional video itself shows how awesome this OVA series is going to be. The new strike the blood OVA series is based on the 9th volume of the strike the blood light novel.

Strike the blood OVA Series PV

The OVA series promotional video is streamed by Warner Bros. Japan

Strike the blood OVA series cast

Most of the original cast for strike the blood anime is returning for this new strike the blood OVA series which includes the following people :-

  • Akatsuki Kojou – Hosoya Yoshimasa
  • Taneda Risa – Himeragi Yukina
  • Aiba Asagi – Seto Asami
  • Akatsuki Nagisa – Hidaka Rina
  • Kirisaka Sayaka – Hayama Ikumi
  • Yaze Motoki – Ohsaka Ryota
  • Kanase Kanon – Itou Kanae
  • Kanemoto Hisako – Minamiya Natsuki

The new cast members of the new Strike the blood OVA series includes following people :-

  • Eguchi Yume – Touyama Nao
  • Kisaki Kiriha – Fuji Yukiyo

The following members will play the role of new characters which appears in the 9th volume of original strike the blood light novel.

Strike the blood OVA Series staff

strike the blood OVA series Key Visual
Strike the blood OVA series Key Visual

Most of the original staff members for the Anime adaptation are coming back for this new OVA series, along with the members, who worked on previous two episodes OVA series, which was known as Strike the blood: Valkyria No Oukoku Hen. The following is the list of the staff members :-

  • Director – Yamamoto Hideyo
  • Series Composition – Yoshino Hiroyuki
  • Animation character design – Sano Keichi
  • Art Director – Taira Akio
  • Color Design – Tanno Yukiko
  • Director of Photography – Hirooka Takeshi
  • Editing – Tsubome Kentarou
  • Sound Director – Aketagawa Jin
  • Sound Production – Magic Capsule
  • Music – Assumed Sounds
  • Background Studio – GREEN
  • Editing Studio – REAL-T

Other staff members includes :-

  • Mechanical Design – Akitaka Mika
  • Visual Design and Mechanical design co-operation -Barn Storm Design Lab
  • Art Design – Tanaka Toshinari
  • Mecha Design/Creature Design – Edamatsu Kido and Yuri Satoshi
  • 3D CGI Production – Wired
  • 3D Production co-operation – IKIF+
  • Photography studio – Nexus
  • Taneda Risa – Ending Theme
  • Kishida Kyoudan and The Akeboshi Rockets – Opening Theme

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