Boruto Anime Special Episode

Boruto Anime Special and its completely new content?

Boruto Anime Special – This year’s shueisha’s weekly shounen jump magazine’s 40th issue announced on Monday that Kodachi Ukyou’s and Ikemoto Mikie’s Boruto Manga will be the part of Jump special Anime festa. The Announcement doesn’t specify that the Manga will get an event Anime or not.

Boruto Anime Special Rumor

Like i mentioned above that the 40th issue of weekly shounen jump magazine announced Boruto will join the line up for Jump special Anime festa but it doesn’t specify that the Manga will get a special Anime episode or not. Because of which this whole news announced by shounen jump sounds suspicious. Since the mangas that are joining the line up for the event are all getting Anime adaptation or special Anime episode. So if Boruto is joining then he might get a special episode or in fact an Anime adaptation.

Black clover who is in the Jump Special Anime Festa is getting Anime Adaptation, Shokugeki No Soma is getting special episode and Boku No Hero Academia is also getting special episode and there are some other Manga too who are getting Special episode or Anime adaptation.  So if Boruto Manga is joining the line up then there is a possibility that it might get a special episode!

Boruto Anime Special
Boruto Anime Special

Why special episode? but not anime? you might be thinking right now! Boruto Manga was launched by Kodachi Ukyou and Ikemoto Mikie in weekly shounen jump magazine on 9th May. Even though the Manga is launched in weekly magazine it comes out on monthly basis. What’s more the Manga is covering the flashback of Boruto: Naruto the Movie we might get new story content soon but for Manga to have an Anime adaptation the Manga must need to have maximum amount of content but for now that’s not possible.

A Special episode sounds more promising because you can come up with a new story easily without worrying of the source content the Manga possess. Hence if Boruto Manga were to get an Anime related adaptation it would get a special episode instead of the entire Anime. The Naruto Shippuden Anime will end in the month of October, if Boruto Manga were to get Anime Adaptation it still need one more year.

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