Boruto Manga Chapter 2-5 Review

Boruto Manga Chapter 2-5 Review – Art quality gets better every chapter

Boruto Manga chapter 2-5 Review – OK, so i remember i did said that i won’t review the chapters of Boruto Manga until they deal with the flashback from Boruto Naruto the Movie. But then again i didn’t said that i would completely abandon the Manga. So today, i finally decided to check the Manga, since i thought that they would have been done with the flashbacks.

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Bad news first, Flashbacks are still going on! Yes they are not done with the flashbacks from the movie. Which is quite disappointing, but its in final stage so don’t worry because we will get the new content soon! i noticed that the quality of the art has increased in span of 5 chapters. Which forced me to read all the chapters once again from Chapter 1 – Chapter 5. One thing i noticed that “Kodachi Ukyou” the author and “Ikemoto Mikie” the illustrator of the Manga did take criticism too seriously and they gradually increased the quality of the story and art in the span of these 5 chapters.

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Kishimoto did defended them in an interview stating that “the illustrator Ikemoto Mikie has good drawing skills and if i were to let anyone draw Naruto, i would choose him.” And i guess kishimoto were right about him because its happening slowly and steadily but the drawings from Boruto Manga is starting to look like something that is drawn by Kishimoto. However, there is this certain element in the drawings called originality which is maintained because its become easy to distinguish the difference between the drawings of Kishimoto Masashi and Ikemoto Mikie.

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Boruto Manga Chapter 2-5 Review

So, the flashback is in its final stage that means, Momoshiki and Kinshiki has attacked the chunin exams!! and now Naruto has decided to take them on alone that’s where the chapter ends. But before reviewing any further i just want you guys to take a look at the art quality!

Boruto Manga Chapter 2-5 Review - Art Quality
Boruto Manga Chapter 2-5 Review – Art Quality

See its starting to look like Kishimoto’s drawing right. One more thing is when Naruto goes into Kurama mode it is shown that he also retains his sage power and rikudo’s power which was not shown in the movie and that’s one detail Ikemoto and Kodachi didn’t miss while writing the Manga so i am quite happy!

I won’t be going to review the entire flashback here since you already know most of the things are taken from the movie so its quite easy to speculate what will happen next. However i am quite pleased with the new two-man team that’s working on the Manga, since they are paying attention to all small details and in fact they are even giving screen time to some characters in the Manga that did not got any screen time in the Movie. For example – Garra’s son shinki got more screen time then what he got in the movie.

Also the conversation between Kinshiki and Sasuke when they meet in chunin exam and Kinshiki says – “its payback time!” that conversation is extended in Manga and the level of Sasuke’s funny personality and sarcasm has increased quite considerably.

Boruto Manga Chapter 2-5 Review - Funny conversation
Boruto Manga Chapter 2-5 Review – Funny conversation

Just take a look at this panel of chapter 5 above. They are trying to add a bit funny atmosphere and showing sasuke’s sarcastic attitude and way of behavior towards Kinshiki and i love it! The only thing left to improve in the art is face cut and hair style of all the characters. Face cut is acceptable but the change of hair style kinda looks weird. I prefer the hair style that Kishimoto made for the characters, the curvy attitude to the hair style that Ikemoto gave is damn weird. I hope he fixes this as soon as he can!!

One more weird thing i noticed that some character he drew are exactly similar to what Kishimoto had drawn, take a look at shikamaru’s character in the Manga, its identical to what it was shown in the Movie although Hinata’s character need a complete makeover.

Anyways, i didn’t really write this article to criticize the art and story but instead i pointed out some positive aspects of the Manga that are gradually taking their control on the entire Manga. The art, story and the dialogue quality is changing which makes me to read the manga more thoroughly. What’s more the two-team of Ikemoto and Kodachi is not wasting time on the flashbacks. By looking at how the flashbacks are paced in the Manga, it looks like we will soon get some new content!

Overall Rating

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