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Dragon Ball Super Episode 54-57 Review – The series is on the roll!!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 54-57 Review - Super saiyan rose

Dragon ball Super Episode 54-57 Review – In the last review of Dragon Ball Super Episode 51-53 we discussed a little theory on how Zamasu is black but soon after that, Dragon Ball Heroes released a video clip which showed Zamasu and Black are two separate beings and Zamasu is actually the master of Black.

The game clips usually don’t go with the story but this time it has turned out to be true, we will come back to that part of discussion later but from what i have seen in the episodes lately “Dragon ball Super” is on roll ever since the “Future trunks” arc started and why is that possible? well to know that we will discuss all the events happened after episode 53 of Dragon ball super.

Black Goku’s identity is still shrouded in mystery but the story is at an really interesting phase and we might soon know more about Black Goku and how in the world he was created and what’s his identity.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 54-57 Review

In episode 53 Goku met Zamasu a Kaioshin of universe 10 who is under training because he had the same Ki as black. During that episodes we saw how much Zamasu hates creatures called human beings. And his opinion doesn’t change even after he meets Goku who is in fact a peace loving and gentle person.  He doesn’t like the fact that how Goku is being friendly with gods and when those two spar Goku becomes more of an eyesore to him. Goku who is on the level of gods when it comes to fighting is the fact which surprises Zamasu more because of which he sees Goku something to be scared of.

Episode 54 and 55 of Dragon ball proves that part, Goku Beerus and Whis return to earth to discuss about Zamasu. Goku still can’t find him to be the evil person but beerus says to that “you’re too trusting.” Beerus and Whis are more concerned about the hatred Zamasu bears for humans in his heart even though his Ki is different from Black, they view him as a potential threat. Goku on the other hand thinks Zamasu is good kaioshin.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 54-57 Review - Zamasu and Gowasu
Dragon Ball Super Episode 54-57 Review – Zamasu and Gowasu

Scene moves to universe 10 we see Gowasu and Zamasu monitoring the Dinosaur human beings which first came on earth. Zamasu is still overwhelmed with his meeting with Goku, On the other hand his master Gowasu decides to visit Dinosaur human beings of the past using time rings and stop them from causing ruckus. Zamasu and Gowasu both uses the time rings and visit there. Seeing the behavior of Dinosaur human beings Zamasu becomes even more convinced that human beings should be eliminated. So he kills them, Gowasu becomes enraged and asks him “Why did he killed them? the life forms could have potentially brought change in the near future. Zamasu remains silent although he doesn’t come in terms with his master. Gowasu on the other hands forgives him with hopes that he will learn the importance of Human beings someday.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 54-57 Review - Whis and Beerus
Dragon Ball Super Episode 54-57 Review – Whis and Beerus

On the other hand Omni king want to meet Goku, So Beerus, Whis and calls Goku and Supreme Kai Shin to their place and tells him that Omni king wants to meet him, Supreme Kai with a surprised look on his face decides to visit omni king with Goku and Whis and Beerus decides to stay at his place. Goku meets Omni king where he becomes friends with him.

Goku tells him that he can visit earth to play anytime he want to so Omni king gives him a switch, and tells him that whenever he will press this button Omni king will visit him no matter what. Goku returns back to Beerus’s place. Beerus gets pretty surprised on the fact that Goku and Omni king became friends.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 54-57 Review - Vegeta
Dragon Ball Super Episode 54-57 Review – Vegeta

After that Goku, Trunks and Vegeta visits future where Goku is mistaken for Black but trunks defends him and at the same time he learns the fact that “Mai” is alive and she protected the people until their return. They also get to learn about the fact that Yajirobe is alive, even trunks thought that he was killed by the Androids. After providing foods to the people out there Goku and Vegeta decides to deal with Black Goku.

Vegeta decides to take on Black Goku with Super Saiyan Blue, Black is not surprised with the fact that Vegeta can wield the god ki in fact the look on his face was like he knew it and was expecting it to happen and the reason for that was soon revealed! Vegeta launches some storm of attacks on Black but nothing happens and Black behaves like Vegeta was more like a warm up to him.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 54-57 Review - SSJ Rose
Dragon Ball Super Episode 54-57 Review – SSJ Rose

Soon Black Goku reveals his new transformation Super Saiyan Rose which he mastered after getting accustomed to Goku’s power and that form is on the same level as Super Saiyan Blue. Because of which he defeats Vegeta with one attack, One of the thing i don’t like about Dragon Ball Series is how they don’t give a spotlight to Vegeta and always makes him get defeated by the villains easily. This time in Dragon Ball Super Episode 56 the situation was no different, Vegeta gets defeated and so Goku decides to take on Black with Super Saiyan Blue but even Goku is unable to put a decent fight against black.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 54-57 Review - Zamasu
Dragon Ball Super Episode 54-57 Review – Zamasu

At the end Zamasu intervenes the fight when Black Goku was about to thow a Kamehameha at Goku and he tells Black that he will be the one to defeat Goku. Goku had a surprised look on his face because he didn’t expected Zamasu to be the actual mastermind behind the activities of Black Goku.

In Dragon Ball Super Episode 57 which is the latest episode that was released today was one of the most epic episode of Dragon ball Super. Even the art and animation was flawless, the fight scenes were good and we got to see trunks in action along with Goku against Black and Zamasu. It was real treat! Zamasu also tells his idea of ideal world to Goku. A world without human race. He thinks his world doesn’t need humans especially people like Goku and Vegeta who are able to put fight against gods.

Vegeta being injured by Black’s attack leaves no choice to Trunks but go and assist Goku in the fight. Since Black and Zamasu were double teaming against Goku, he was having really hard time dealing with those two. So trunks decides to help Goku. To everyone’s surprise he does put a decent fight along with Goku against Zamasu and Black and its all possible because of his training with Vegeta. Although his training sessions with Vegeta were not shown but the fact that he put a decent fight against Zamasu and Black is enough to prove that he trained with Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 54-57 Review - Zamasu evil
Dragon Ball Super Episode 54-57 Review – Zamasu evil

Still the assist that trunks provided was not enough because Zamasu in the trunks timeline is “Immortal” so no matter how and what trunks and goku try zamasu remains unharmed. What’s more Black and Zamasu are still novice when it comes to fighting technique. Yes you read that right! When you will watch the episode carefully you will understand that when it comes to the fighting techniques Goku, Vegeta and Trunks are steps ahead compared to Zamasu and Black. The only reason Black is strong is because his power level grows every time he suffers through pain and he also mimics what Goku does, in Dragon Ball Super episode 57 when he was fighting against Goku he was mimicking his moves to master the powers he have. Since the body Black Goku has is similar to Goku’s body so the more me mimics Goku the more he will become perfect and his power will grow.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 54-57 Review - Black
Dragon Ball Super Episode 54-57 Review – Black

Zamasu on the other hand still has moves of a novice Kaioshin who is under training, his fighting skills are not that good the only reason he puts a decent fight is because he is immortal. But still Goku and Trunks were cornered at once Black and Zamasu now get ready to through one final attack to kill them but Vegeta saves the day with his final flash and Yajirobe takes them away and in the mean time Mai and other revolutionaries saves Vegeta with smoke bomb but thanks to that we got to know how unskillful Black and Zamasu really are. Black is not able to sense them properly because he did not master that technique properly and Zamasu can’t even sense people.

Mai and Yajirobe brings Trunks, Goku and Vegeta to safety and Mai sends them to past once again. On the other hand in past time line Zamasu and Gowasu were watching the intergalactic tournament that happened between Universe 6 and 7 Zamasu becomes enraged when he sees Goku in god ki. During that time he notices Super dragon balls and Gowasu tells Zamasu about super dragon balls. Zamasu decides to asks Zuno about Super Dragon Balls and Goku in order to gather some information and that’s where the episode ends.

The preview of the episode 58 brings more surprise as it shows Goku and friends discussing about Zamasu with Beerus and Whis and on the other hand Zamasu discovers the dragon balls and makes some wish. Since super dragon balls can only grant one wish i think Zamasu will wish the dragon to make him immortal this will cover up the explanation for Zamasu being immortal in Trunks timeline. Becoming immortal on your own is impossible even for a god that’s why Zamasu makes wish using super dragon balls in which he will wish to become immortal.

Also in next episode Goku meets Zamasu once again and by the time they meet Zamasu has already became immortal, but something is going to happen between Gowasu and Zamasu the preview of episode 58 hints that Gowasu may die. But for now, its safe to assume that things in Goku’s timeline are going to take worst turns now that Zamasu has became immortal. Now only one thing remains is Black Goku’s identity.

The Opinion

Black Goku and Zamasu are really the best villains thanks to them it looks like we are now gone back to our DBZ days. Back then Dragon Ball Z was epic not because it had awesome fights but it was epic because it had awesome villains who drove our heroes to corner. Dragon ball Super did not had that kind of villain until now. Beerus wanted to fight Super saiyan god he was not really evil. It was all his behavior as a god of destruction which made him scary, Freeza was one of the best villain of Dragon ball Z but in Dragon Ball Super he was not that good. The humiliation he faced in hell made him more like a comic villain, the villainous attitude, the pure evil attitude that’s what freeza lacked in Dragon ball Super.

The warriors from other universe were not at all evil even champa was just like Beerus who was interested in strong opponents and food. Technically speaking Zamasu and Black are the real villains of Dragon ball Super by watching them i feel things are going to be more worse and Future trunks arc will take really long time to end, without a doubt definitely it will be one of the longest arc of the entire Dragon Ball Super Series.

Wrapping up

Finally, all i can say that the series is on roll with its Future trunks arc, each and every episode is giving me goosebumps every time i watch them. Dragon Ball Z days are back once again thanks to future trunks!

Overall Episode Ratings

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