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Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 Review – How Goku Black was created!!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 58

Dragon ball super episode 58 review – Well last time in the episode review of Dragon ball super 54-57, Vegeta, Trunks and Goku get beaten up by the hands of Zamasu and Goku Black and they have to flee to the past since they found out Zamasu can’t be beaten as he was immortal and Goku Black transformed in to Super Saiyan Rose. They flee and comes back to past as i said earlier. Now episode 58 of Dragon ball Super depicts the story after the event of Dragon ball super 57

Dragon ball super episode 58 review

I waited for the episode to come out in English sub the reason was this episode involved too talking although. I can understand Japanese but i am still not that good. One more reason was – This episode involved important theory by Whis and Beerus related to Zamasu’s immortality and Black Goku’s creation. However even though its Dragon Ball Z Episode its just theory with no proof which tells the creation of Black Goku. The actual revelation is yet to happen!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 - Goku
Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 – Goku

So when Goku, Vegeta and Trunks gets back they tell bulma and everyone what happened. Bulma pretty surprised is now in real delima now that Goku and Vegeta lost to Zamasu and Black. But at the same time she gets angry on how Goku forgot Senzu bean in toilet and went to the future without it! which was pretty also, i wondered why they didn’t use Senzu bean.

I thought that Goku must have kept deliberately because he wasn’t expecting Black to turn Super saiyan rose and become powerful enough to rival Super saiyan blue at the same time he didn’t expect Zamasu and Black to team up and Zamasu being immortal. So this whole scenario was unexpected to him. But when it was revealed that he forgot senzu in toilet then i was like why goku why! I don’t know why but i feel Goku is more dumb and carefree in Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 - Zamasu Rage
Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 – Zamasu Rage

The scene moves to Zamasu where he forcefully asks Zuno about Super dragon ball and Goku. Zamasu finally learnt that he have to wait one year to use the dragon balls and he also gathers information about Goku. Zuno immediately contacts Superme kai shin and tell what Zamasu was doing.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 - Zamasu and Zuno
Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 – Zamasu and Zuno

Supreme Kai Shin, Whis and Beerus arrives at Bulma’s place and share what Zuno told Supreme Kai Shin which certainly raises concerns regarding Zamasu. Not only that Goku and Vegeta shares their detail and with two of the information gathered at one place, Whis develops and amazing theory on how Zamasu became immortal and how Black Goku was created!

Whis has a theory which goes like this – Zamasu made a wish to super dragon balls make me a Goku Black, which mean Whis thinks that Goku Black is copy of Black Goku, Since thinks that if Black and Goku were the same person then their KI would have been similar but Black and Goku has different KI and Black’s KI is similar to Zamasu’s KI. This thing would not have been possible if Black and Goku were the same person!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 - Shin, Whis and Beerus
Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 – Shin, Whis and Beerus

Also for now he can’t clarify how Zamasu’s and Black has a similar KI. But for now he thinks that Black was created by a wish granted by Super Dragon Balls. After that Zamasu used Super Dragon Balls after a span of one year and wished him to become immortal. But since Zamasu is not the type of person who will wait paitently, they all think that he must have killed Gowasu and steal the Kai’s time ring and went one year ahead in future to make the wish.

Remember Zamasu can only use Kai ring because Gowasu gave him permission as he is an Kaioshin in apprentice. He could not use Kaioshin’s time ring for his own use because he is not a full fledge Kaioshin yet! Beerus also reminds Goku and others that only Kaioshin can wear that time ring.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 - Future Zamasu
Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 – Future Zamasu

Which leads Bulma, Goku and others to this conclusion that Gowasu was killed by Zamasu and he could have used that time ring to make the wish. So Beerus, Whis and Goku and Supereme Kai shin decides to visit universe 10 to see Zamasu and Gowasu.

Upon reaching there when Beerus asks Gowasu about Zamasu he said, until today Zamasu had his doubts about human race and kaioshin’s duty but his doubts were all cleared and now he can become a good Kaioshin which is what necessary. Beerus becomes more concerned but in that meantime Zamasu appears smiling with Gowasu’s tea and that where the episode ends.

What Gowasu told to Beerus about Zamasu was quite fishy which makes us to think that Zamasu is deceiving Gowasu and is trying to kill him to stole the time ring. And that preview of the next episode i.e Dragon ball Super Episode 59 confirmed that this is true, Zamasu is deceiving Gowasu and is really trying to kill him and stole the Kai Ring. And that’s where Beerus and Goku springs in action in order to destroy Zamasu.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 - Zamasu creates black
Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 – Zamasu creates black

Remember Zamasu in Goku and Vegeta’s timeline is not immortal because Zuno told him that he has to wait one year until he can access Super Dragon Balls. So Basically Zamasu returned to Universe 10 and deceived Zamasu that his all doubts are clear and now his heart is pure, So Zamasu can kill Gowasu and steal the time ring! to travel into the future and make wish to Super dragon balls. So its easy to kill Zamasu in Goku’s timeline!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 – My theory

Regarding how Black and Zamasu’s KI is similar this is my theory which goes like this – Zamasu in the future could have killed Gowasu and reincarnated him as Goku Black possessing similar KI as Zamasu’s, Since he went into Super Saiyan Rose his power surpassed Super Saiyan Blue which is basically god. Black is basically Gowasu because one god can only rival another god and on top of that Black becomes stronger every time he feels pain in fight and his techniques and powers improves.

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This ability which even surpasses a Saiyan’s growth makes it more clear that Black Goku is someone else. Since we haven’t seen Gowasu fight we could not make a clear conclusion, But this theory came to my mind as soon as Beerus mentioned that only Kaioshin can wear time ring and since Black appeared in past he was wearing the time ring which only Kaioshin could wear. Also the body built, Black has slim body and that’s the only physical difference between Goku and Black. But when you compare Black’s body with Gowasu and the Kai ring and time ring he wears then you found similarities. So it could be possible that Black Goku is the reincarnated Gowasu who is Kaioshin of universe 10.

Also consider the theory that Whis gave and when you combine it with my theory which i wrote above, It gives one critical conclusion that, in Future, Zamasu must have known about Goku. As Goku was a known for his good deeds before he died in trunks timeline and he was pretty famous among Kaioshins, So the news of his death must have reached Zamasu’s ears or he must have heard from Gowasu from trunks timeline when he was training to become a Kaioshin. Zamasu from trunks timeline must have gathered information from Zuno or some other sources and must have well researched Goku before taking any steps further.

Wrapping up

No matter what happens now in the future episode its only matter of time until Black Goku’s identity is revealed! However, next week there is no episode as the series is going on break! So we have to wait one more weak for the new episode! which kills me inside.

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