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Dragon Ball Super Episode 59 – Beerus vs Zamasu, true power of Beerus

Dragon ball super episode 59

Dragon Ball Super Episode 59 – In the last episode we got an awesome theory from whis about how Zamasu became immortal and how Goku Black. I combined it with my theory to make a near-solid theory and Goku Black’s identity Read this – Dragon ball Super episode 58 – How Zamasu created Goku Black?

So in the end of Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 – Beerus, Whis and Supereme Kai Shin decides to visit universe 10 and take a look at what Zamasu is doing after they heard from Shin that Zamasu visited Zeno and asked him about Super Dragon Balls and Son Goku. The story of episode 59 continues after that.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 59 Review

So lets divide episode in four parts and review each events, this way it would be much easier to explain everything clearly. Also it becomes easy to clarify things and raise concerns regarding any particular events.

Beerus vs Zamasu

So Beerus and others visits Gowasu to check on Zamasu’s behavior, Gowasu tells beerus that he is out somewhere, on top of it he also tells them that Zamasu has now became ready to become a Kaioshin of Universe 10. As he was in dilemma and he was not able to understand “Human’s worth.” Hence i answered his doubts again and again and now he is completely fine and ready to succeed me. Beerus felt somewhat fishy after hearing what Gowasu told him.

Dragon ball super episode 59 - Zamasu
Dragon ball super episode 59 – Zamasu

In the mean time Zamasu arrives with a “Tea” for Gowasu and seeing all his good behavior Beerus and others decides to go. Beerus further reveals that Zanasu is trying to kill Gowasu but before  doing anything we need a concrete evidence to prove that Zamasu is guilty since Gowasu is the Kioshin of Universe 10. Since Beerus Whis and Supereme Kai Shin are all godly beings they were able to sense the killing intent hidden behind Zamasu’s behavior.

Well anyways, with that being said Beerus and others decides to wait for Zamasu to make his move and sees how Zamasu kills Gowasu. After confirming Zamasu’s actions and his motives Whis reverses the time 3 minuets back and stops Zamasu before he kills Gowasu, Just like he did in “Resurrection of F.” Everyone confronts Zamasu, Gowasu asks explanation from Zamasu but he sticks to his proverb “Humans are evil and should be destroyed!” although he does not talk any further, So shin takes the courtesy to explain further and tells everything that Zamasu wants to do i.e Becoming immortal after making wish using Super Dragon Balls and further he wants to create fake Goku and destroy humanity.

Dragon ball super episode 59 - Beerus and Whis
Dragon ball super episode 59 – Beerus and Whis

Zamasu becomes amused and curious and he asks how to did you find out about my plans by just figuring out that i wanted to kill Gowasu. Goku answers that he saw everything in future and by hearing this Zamasu proceeds to attack Goku and then Beerus comes in between stops Zamasu and destroys him in one attack and he was like “Don’t get ahead of yourself” and then “Destroy!” This got me thinking, The Beerus we saw until now never truly destroyed anything but when he intends to destroy the air or you can say the atmosphere around him, his energy level seems to be completely different then what we have seen before! That means what we saw in Dragon Ball Super Episode 59 was glimpse of Beerus’s true power as a God of destruction!

Future Trunks vs Little Trunks

Future trunks was bit depressed in this episode, compared to the last time we saw him he was pretty depressed because Future trunks had to go through a lot of messy things in his timeline compared to the trunks in our timeline! And all that is acceptable because he stopped the androids after a great efforts and help he got from the rest of the DBZ warriors after that he stopped Dabora and Babidi from Resurrecting Majin buu. And when he thought every thing was over Black Goku made his appearance and trunks was not able to stop him because Goku Black was way out of his league.

Dragon ball super episode 59 - Future Trunks vs Trunks
Dragon ball super episode 59 – Future Trunks vs Trunks

He lost his mom, his friends and comrades and when he found hope in Goku and Vegeta of past, he brought them to future to end the disaster however they lost too. Going through all these things one after the other no doubt he felt depressed and alone. To change the atmosphere around him and to motivate him little trunks challenges future trunks for a sparring match. It was shown that future trunks was underestimating him but that all change once he fought him. However the fight between those two was not shown, but it was still worth seeing little trunks motivating the bigger trunks.

Goku Black and Zamasu’s conversation in Future

In between all the events going on Zamasu and Goku Black had little conversation, In that we see frustrated Goku Black who said that we were one step away in killing them. Zamasu advice Black Goku to take it slowly, because if they died there won’t be anyone to fight with him and in this way he won’t be able to reach the ultimate level of his power. In the end Zamasu asks Goku Black – “It would have been better if you would have became an immortal like me, why didn’t you do it?”

Dragon ball super episode 59 - Goku Black
Dragon ball super episode 59 – Goku Black

Goku Black clearly shows disinterest in immortality and he says that he has only interesting one thing and that’s power and he desires to get stronger even more. Zamasu thinks how ironic it is that to destroy humans, another human is necessary. Its just as assumption on my part but since Black Goku is only interested in power, then the chances are quite high that he might rebel or Zamasu might kill him after eradicating humans so i think he must be gathering power in case he choose to rebel or in case Zamasu chooses to kill him.

Beerus declaration

At the end of the episode, God of destruction Beerus informs everyone that he destroyed Zamasu in this timeline, so he tells trunks that everything in the future is OK now. Since Zamasu’s death must have affected future and everyone’s believe it to be true however trunks was bit skeptical about this as he thinks whatever happened in this timeline does not have any effect on future!

Wrapping up

After watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 and Dragon Ball Super Episode 59 i felt that i was watching some detective conan level series because the whole two episodes were about investigating Zamasu and coming up with a theory on how he became immortal and how he created black goku which was something different for usual Dragon ball series and i definitely liked it!

Overall Rating

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