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Dungeon defense light novel review – This novel is really an epic one!!

Dungeon defense light novel review – So its been quite a while, since i wrote my last review on light novel and well its not like that i didn’t wanted to write or i was busy. Its just that there are so many new things coming out every single day that i find it really hard to choose a topic to write something.

Well just think that today if i decided to write a review on a Light Novel then there must be really something amazing about that Light Novel and yes that is true! Well this review is about a south Korean light novel (its not Japanese) called “Dungeon Defense.” And its epic light novel, so without wasting anytime lets get to it!


Do you know how this world ends?

Become the hero and take down the 72 Demon Lords. The game that was boasted as the absolute hardest strategy game, 『Dungeon Attack』.

I used to be the ‘hero’ that had accomplished everything in this game, but after answering a suspicious survey, I found myself in the game as the weakest Demon Lord, 「Dantalian」.

With only my eloquent tongue and my memories of conquest as a hero—.

In order to survive as Dantalian. I shall tear this world apart.

(Source –  ShalvationTranslations)

Dungeon defense light novel review

So before we get to the review let me tell you that, i found this novel on  ShalvationTranslations and what’s more they update it on regular basis. Currently 2 volumes of this light novels are out and 3rd volume is on going! I thought it would be better to reveal the source from where i read light novels because i get a lot of messages on Otaku Vines Facebook Page regarding the same issue!


So we have our main character who is from a wealthy house and he is like a dignified prince. But he hates is father because he was harem fanatic, had 5 wives and 5 of them are his mother. One unfortunate day his father dies and the power struggle in his house begins. As a result he gets frustrated and leaves home along with 500 million yen in his bank account. Now he is living alone for 2 years and became a shut-in fat Otaku which is too different from the dignified prince he used to be.

Dungeon Defense light novel review
Dungeon Defense light novel review

One day he gets a request for beta testing a game and he selects difficulty level as “extremely difficult” because he love challenges. The game story is he should use his skills to save the world which is on the way of self-destruction, So as i said he chooses “extreme difficult level” because he loves challenges, and as soon as the game starts he sees himself in the game world.

Dungeon Defense light novel review - characters
Dungeon Defense light novel review – characters

He is re-incarnated as a demon lord and his rank is 71st and he is the second lowest in the rankings of demon lord. On top of it he is re-incarnated as extremely weak character with no physical strength, The only thing he has with him is a cunning and smart mind gained from the experience while he was living with his family 2 years ago, and his natural ability to deceive people through mere acting. Now his goal is to save and conquer this world by using his mind and ability to deceive people!

My views on the light novel

Starting with the review, this is not your regular ecchi battle light novel or some high school story. Its a concept which is most popular concept and that’s “Trapped in the game concept” well it does sounds like meh… but its not. Because “trapped in the game” usually has pattern which follows that players can’t get out of game and it has psychological + battle warfare. Here the warfare is totally psychological, the main character is damn weak and does not possess a single shred physical strength. So he has to conquer everything by using his brain and strategies!

Dungeon Defense light novel review - Dantalian
Dungeon Defense light novel review – Dantalian

It is my personal view but this light novel is certainly one of the best light novel i have ever read, if i found another one epic than this one then i will change my opinion. But seriously, no punches, no kicks and no special attacks in fight just use brain game exploit other people’s weakness this is the thing that this light novel shows.

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His way of engaging people in talks and after that taking them out by simple assassination is the simple pattern of battle this light novel adheres to. And he won’t stop there he will plan 10 steps ahead from his opponent and will take them out either with debate and blackmail and assassination.

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If someone ever comes to defeat or accuse the main character, then he makes sure that they would never stand in front of him by either killing them smartly or by blackmailing them or by making them embarrassed and unable to speak in front of everyone. And that’s what i liked about the main character.

Dungeon Defense light novel review - Meeting
Dungeon Defense light novel review – Meeting

Even the side characters like Lala, Laura De Farnese Paimon, Ivar and Barbatos. Each side characters in the novel has their own view on the story and their own interesting personality that will keep you glued to the light novel. Also the level of opponents increases, his schemes and strategies also level up. If someone were to trap him, he uses his brain to get out of trap. Psychology is everything and that’s why its entertaining.

So now basically you get a main character who is overpowered not because of his physical state but because of his cunning and smart mind that even strongest characters of the light novel will fall prey to his strategies. Psychological warfare, many author just make their character intelligent who shows their intelligence but according to me the author don’t use the character’s intelligence to their fullest and they keep it to the level so that audience can understand them just by watching.

Dungeon Defense light novel review - Dantaliann and Lala Kiss
Dungeon Defense light novel review – Dantalian and Lala Kiss

Yet this light novel portrays the same intelligence in a different way, it will make situation pretty confusing and difficult to understand and then at the end it will explain everything with an intention of telling that – “Hey, look, this is how this incident took place in reality.” That’s the specialty of this light novel. Plus there is also a romance between the main character Dantalian and main heroine Lala and its the best romance i have ever read.

Wrapping up

Writing anymore about light novel is useless, because you cannot understand its greatness until you start reading it. As for reading my own personal views that i have stated above, you might be thinking that why i haven’t talked about the anime adaptation of this light novel if the novel is so great.

The reason is pretty simple, first of all this light novel is “South Korean” and not “Japanese” and from the looks of the popularity, it is quite decent but that’s not the reason for not getting anime adaptation. The other reason which greatly affects the anime adaptation is because this light novel is adult and contains too much 18+ content even the s*x scenes and on top of it the light novel is gore.

I will greatly recommend once again to read this epic light novel! You can find the translations here – ShalvationTranslations the updates are also regular so enjoy! if you want to know about similar light novel then Read this – Overlord light novel review.

Overall rating

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