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elDLIVE Anime Promotional Video Shows Actions Scenes and Cast

elDLIVE Anime Featured

elDLIVE Anime The official website of television Anime of Amano Akira’s elDLIVE Manga began streaming a promotional video on Wednesday which features the action scenes of the anime and the cast working on the anime.

elDLIVE Anime Promotional Video

More details

The first three chapters of the Manga was published by Viz Media in English digitally, in September-October 2014 as its “Jump Start” initiative and it describes the story of the manga in the following way :-

“Mumbling”Kokonose Chuuta doesn’t have many friends. In fact, the only conversations he has anymore are with voices inside his head. Little does he know that this voice doesn’t mean he’s crazy. It just means he has an alien living inside his body!”

elDLIVE Anime
elDLIVE Anime

The elDLIVE Anime is set to premier in January 2017. Murase Ayumu and Hayami Saori plays the lead roles of  Kokonose Chuuta and Sonokata Misuzu. The additional cast includes Kugimitya Rie as Doru, Suzuki Tatsuhisa as Lance Brick, Kobayashi Daiki as Assistant Inspector Chips and Studio Pierrot is animating the series.

Amano Akira, the one who wrote “Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn!” launched the series in full color, on “Jump LIVE” which is the predecessor of “Jump Plus.” The Manga moved to “Jump Plus” when it was launched 2 years ago i.e at September 2014. Shueisha pubilshed the Manga’s 6th complied book volume on August 4th.

elDLIVE and Reborn Collaboration Video

The “Amano Akira Illustrations Exhibition” event showcasing the author’s artwork showed a collaboration mini anime video between elDLIVE and Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn!

The 16 Volumes of katekyoushi Hitman Reborn were released by “Viz Media” in North America and it describe the story of the manga in following way :-

“When Reborn, a fedora-wearing, gun-toting toddler, arrives and says he’s come to groom Tsuna for his future as boss of an Italian organized crime family, Tsuna is more than a little skeptical. But Reborn may have the “magic bullet” necessary to turn Tsuna’s life around!”

(Source – Comic Natalie)

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