Fairy tail author Hiro Mashima reveals why he doesn’t kill characters

Fairy tail author Hiro Mashima –The latest volume of Fairy tail which was translated in English and was released in which Hiro Mashima answers why he doesn’t kill of the important characters anymore. He shares his idea or opinion on the concept of “Death and Life” in Fairy tail!

Fairy Tail Author Hiro Mashima – Explanation

Fairy Tail Author Hiro Mashima Explanation
Fairy Tail Author Hiro Mashima Explanation

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The following is the answer given by Hiro Mashima in the latest volume :-

“Age seal vanishing out of sight, Historia of the dead. They’re all types of cheating magic, aren’t they? For the enemies this time, the Spiriggan 12. I decided that they were all going to use “cheating magic.” Each one is something any author would come up with, but since they would destroy the framework of the story, authors generally choose not to use them.

Historia in particular is a setup that I’ve been holding back for a long time. I personally do like the “…but he should be dead!” plot twists, but the story consistently reinforced into the system where people who die, cannot come back to life. That’s why i was really torn whether or not I’ll use this magic. Ultimately, i decided to convince myself that It’s not really like I’m really bringing dead people back to life, so it’s okay. The dead of Simon and Ur are very emotional scenes, and I didn’t want to undermine them with somebody’s magic. I tried my best to handle those scenes with care.

For me, “nobody who dies comes back to life” is an internal rule that’s as absolute as like, a Fairy code. There are some characters that might make people say, “Hey, he’s supposed to be dead, what’s he doing there?!” In those cases, I’ll ask you to use the convenient excuses that they never actually died. If someone is confirmed dead as within the context of the story, I have written it with a full intent that they will never actually be alive again. But there are lot of other characters who, within my own mind, have never been confirmed dead, so please just let it be and ignore the gray areas, thank you very much!”


So guys the bottom line is as long as Hiro Mashima doesn’t feel that the character is 100% dead he will bring the characters back again and again. This is probably why he plays with our emotions, the time when Gajeel was supposed to die but he came back and the time when Juvia was supposed to die but Wendy saved her.

Now the question is “What makes Hiro Mashima feel or clarify that the character is 100% dead and won’t come back to life at all?”

This is literally insane, i really am lacking words to give an opinion this particular statement. But one thing is confirmed Hiro Mashima will continue to keep playing with our emotions till the Manga ends.

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