Gintama new TV anime series

Gintama new TV anime series confirmed and manga is ending!!

Gintama new TV anime series – This year’s 43rd issue of Shueisha’s weekly shounen jump magazine is announcing on Monday that Hideki Sorachi’s Gintama Manga is getting new anime series, which will be ultimately be the third anime installment of Gintama Manga. The new TV Anime series will air on TV Tokyo.

The Magazine has also teased climax to the final story arc. Future issue of weekly shounen jump magazine will announced broadcast schedule and other details.

Gintama new TV anime series confirmed

The previous issue of Shueisha’s weekly shounen jump magazine announced that the Gintama franchise has something important and surprising news which they want to announce in the next issue. And we predicted that, there is high possibility that Anime Gintama might be returning or the series is getting new Animated Movie. And that’s what happened right now!! Read more in detail – Gintama surprising announcement.

The Manga inspired Anime in the year 2007 which continued with several extended hiatus till 2013. Afterwards Gintama new Anime came in 2015 and ended in March 2016. Soon after that Manga entered the final arc which is still going on!! However when the news was out that Gintama Anime is ending, they soon released next news which assured fans that its not over yet!

Gintama Manga might end this year?

As i mentioned earlier – “The Magazine has also teased climax to the final story arc.” It means there is a high probabily that Gintama Manga might end this year i.e in month of December or even before that. Chances are that the Manga might also end in early 2017 i.e in the month of January.

However no other details about the ending of final arc has been given, for now we can just assume what is going to happen and wait for some more announcement on the new Anime series and the ending of the Manga. And if the Manga is going to end there is a higher probability that the new Anime might also feature the final arc of the series. Thus in this way completely ending the Gintama Series once and forever.

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