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Gintama teases new surprising news after the live action movie!!

Gintama teases new surprising news

Gintama teases new surprising news – This year’s 42nd issue of weekly shounen jump magazine, is reporting on Saturday that next issue will have huge announcement on-ultra surprising news after the announcement of Gintama live action movie!! The magazine already confirmed that live action movie of Gintama is going to be released in next year i.e in 2017. Also the cast of the movie was announced too!

Gintama teases new surprising news? what could it be?

The Manga inspired Anime in the year 2007 which continued with several extended hiatus till 2013. Afterwards Gintama new Anime came in 2015 and ended in March 2016. Soon after that Manga entered the final arc which is still going on!! However when the news was out that Gintama Anime is ending, they soon released next news which assured fans that its not over yet!

After that when Gintama teased a surprising news just like it teased today, we all thought the Anime is coming back. But surprisingly this news was all about the new live action film and Oguri Shun was playing the main lead role of Yorozuya Sakata Gintoki and after that soon theĀ full actor cast and other staff members were announced.

Now we got this news which teases a new surprising announcement which they call as “ultra huge announcement.” So guys what could this announcement would be about? Could this news be about Anime’s return or Gintama getting a special episode or OVA episode or an Animated movie after a long time?

Since they are telling that they are going to announce something huge, they surely won’t announce that Manga is going to end soon! So for now all we can do is wait and see what the announcement is really about!


The probability that the Anime will return or the Gintama will get another animated movie is high, well because if the announcement was about special episode or OVA episode they would not have teased it as ultra huge announcement.

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