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ishoujo Author fulfills promise for hentai art of his manga characters!!

iShoujo author fulfills promise

iShoujo author fulfills promise – On 6th September the iShoujo author and creator Takayama Toshinori promised a racy award for his fans after he gets 10,000 retweets on his tweet! Basically he will reveal hentai art (nude art) of his character “Bunny Pink” and “Ayu Yuzuki” on Jump Plus. The current art he tweeted shows two characters hugging each other in swimsuit and so basically he wanted 10,000 retweets on the image he tweeted!

iShoujo author fulfills promise

Well his tweet was shared over 3000 times and his tweet only got 7,721 retweets but Takayama wrote he was able to convince the staff to let him publish the images. The orginal ecchi colored images were posted on twitter on Sept 6th. The nude images were posted on Sept 13th on the official jump+ website although they were soon deleted. But if you guys are still interested in seeing it here is the link –

PS – He was serious and he kept his word : These images are 18+ and i advice people below 18 to not see it.

Why did he do this? and How jump allowed it?

Well can’t really say anything about his action, But i seriously think that this little thing is nothing more that just a little publicity stunt! Although he did share his views in his tweet –  Gravure actually feels like a darkness in the entertainment world and because the nude art is risky,  he requires everyone’s support to share it.

First of all i don’t get how staff members allowed this kind of thing. Since Shueisha and Shounen Jump endorse PG ratings and even if there was to be some ecchi content either shueisha will publish it in other magazine but not in shounen jump or keep it at a moderate level.

Jump+ which sounds like an extension of shounen jump for the first time allowed this kind of full blown activity. Which is in my point of view a shocking thing. Seriously i don’t get how in the world did the allowed this kind of thing. Anyways do tell me what do you think about this news, Did you find this whole thing funny, or just as a publicity stunt or well you are disappointed and think that he should have not done this!

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