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Kimi No Na Wa Review – Excellent story and execution but its overrated!

Kimi No Na Wa Review – This year should be definitely be a lucky one for me, got to watch One Piece Film Gold early and now this time i got to watch Makoto Shinkai’s new film “Kimi No Na Wa” earlier than i had expected. Since the beginning of its launch, the film got huge response. Which piqued my interest and when i watch the trailer for the movie, i felt in love with the concept. Thought, the film was worthy to deserve such huge response.

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After seeing the movie my views changed, its not that i disliked the movie, in fact i liked it and would probably watch it again and again even with my family. But i think the film was ridiculously overrated to such extent that it crossed the limit of over hype. I have no intent of offending anyone but everyone has their own different views, you may have different views from me but allow me to explain why i think that this film is highly overrated!

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PS – This movie review is going to be a logical, i know while watching Anime and Anime Movies is best to keep logic aside but there are some things which you can’t explain using logic also i will reveal some spoilers, So please excuse me for that.


The story is set one month after a comet has fallen for the first time in a thousand years in Japan. Mitsuha, a high school girl living in the countryside, wants to live in the city because she is tired of life in the country. Then, there’s Taki. He’s a high school student living in Tokyo with his friends while working as a part-timer at an Italian restaurant. He also has a strong interest in fine arts involving architecture. One day, Mitsuha and Taki wakes up and find that their bodies are swapped and their journey to find each other begins, but what could be the secret behind their body swapping?

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Kimi No Na Wa Review

So the story is described as it is in the above synopsis, however the concept of body swapping was the thing which grabbed my attention and i developed an interest. The trailer increased my desire to watch this movie, because i thought at the end of they movie they will find each other and will fall in love. Since Makoto Shinkai’s work are famous one thing i have noticed in those work that, there is romantic element, and this movie was no exception.

First lets talk about some positive aspects

The story was good, i thoroughly enjoyed it and it was executed very well. It was pretty interesting to see what happens next, the Animation, well i always watch shinkai’s work for their excellent animation. I am definitely mad for it, the visuals enlighten me! The music and the songs for this movie were exceptionally good which i am definitely going to download and add it to my play list.

Kimi No Na Wam Review - Mitsuha
Kimi No Na Wam Review – Mitsuha

Shinkai’s works which i have watched made me laugh, smile and cry at the same time and this movie was no exception! There were moments when tears just automatically came out, i laughed and smiled when i saw how Taki and Mitsuha struggled to live when they had a body swap.

Explanation and review

When Taki and Mitsuha swapped body every week 2-3 times. They panic and struggle to blend in each other’s life. So They lay rules for each other that will help them to perfectly blend in each others life style when they swap bodies. And then begin to live their life as the body swap continues. One day Taki in Mitsuha’s body visit a sacred village shrine with a sake bottle and he keeps it there. After that event both of them return to their own bodies but afterwards they don’t swap bodies. Taki confused and worried draw drawings and write down all the thing happened from his memory and 3 weeks later one day decide to visit the place.

Kimi No Na Wam Review - Comet
Kimi No Na Wam Review – Comet

During that he founds that Mitsuha died three years ago because comet crashed down on the village. It was shown that she was visiting shrine and was enjoying festival. Taki gets confused because if she died 3 years ago then how he swapped bodies with her is what he thinks, so he researches more about her and the comet crash. He remembers the sacred shrine where he kept sake when he visited sacred shrine in Mitsuha’s body. He visits that place and drink that sake and once again he swaps places with Mistuha from the parallel world and visits the parallel world where that comet crash didn’t happened and warns everyone about the comet crash. He lays out plan and warn every one even Mitsuha’s father who’s mayor of that village. At first he doesn’t believe but he realizes, that there is different person in Mitsuha’s body.

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Mitsuha and Taki meet once again and timeline changes, then they return to their own bodies. But the time of their meet comes to end since it was limited and Taki forgets everything while Mitsuha remembers thing for quite a time but during that time she makes sure that residents of the village are safe from the comet crash. After that she forgets everything. One thing i did understand that the sacred shine acts as a place where two parallel world meets and that sake he drank acted as the trigger for the body swap. Since that sake or kuchikamisake was made by Mitsuha herself, but it was kept at shrine by Taki in Mitsuha’s body.

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At the end i also understood that Mitsuha and Taki who swapped bodies were from two different timeline or parallel world. It was evident when Mitsuha decided to visit Tokyo in her own body for the first time to see Taki he didn’t remember her so during that time she gives him red ribbon so he can remember her. But for Taki who swapped body with Mitsuha says to her at when he meets to her at the end – “Don’t come to see me before everything happens!” and gives her the red ribbon and tells her “I kept it for 3 years with me now you do the same.” This proves that body swap happens between two parallel world.

Kimi No Na Wam Review - Mitsuha and Taki
Kimi No Na Wam Review – Mitsuha and Taki

Since they managed to save everyone the timeline changes and the story moves to completely different timeline where Mitsuha is alive and now lives in Tokyo she has forgotten everything about body swap, Taki and comet crash. And the same thing was for Taki he forgot about Mitsuha and why he went to Mitsuha’s village and that sacred mountain. But since they both feel that they are forgetting someone important and they keep searching each other and try to live their regular lives at the end by chance they see each other and see each other even they don’t remember anything their eyes filled with nostalgic tears make them realize that they were searching for each other! And that’s where the movie ends.

Second the negative aspects which are visible but ignored

In the first place does Shinkai wanted to make this movie romantic? or does he wanted to make it as Fantasy romantic comedy which has serious and emotional edge to it with a bit of slice of life? In short his vision or his goal is what seems to be unclear when i watch this movie.

Furthermore when it comes to romance you see character development and then you see boy and girl falling in love with each other. This movie shows an unconventional romance between two protagonist. But the situations shown in the movie were so extreme that the character development and the romantic feelings developed in between Taki and Mitsuha itself felt weird.

Kimi No Na Wam Review - Taki
Kimi No Na Wam Review – Taki

Why? because when they swapped bodies they sure got to know more about each other right? then they should become friends! but that didn’t happend, Taki’s feeling to save Mitsuha and Mitsuha’s feeling to see Taki which was displayed as romantic feeling which was off.

Usually when bodies are swapped the two person would like to meet each other because of curiosity of wanting to meet each other and see what kind of person the other person is and later they develop friendship and then fall in love with each other. Even if the one person is going to die the other one would try to save him/her because they have involved in each others life and became the dearest friends.

Kimi No Na Wam Review - Mitsuha meets Taki
Kimi No Na Wam Review – Mitsuha meets Taki

The feeling or the emotion of becoming friends with each other was completely omitted and Taki’s and Mitsuha’s relationship went past beyond the conventional friendship. They became something special or important to each other which they can’t forget. This sudden skip of relationship development and the confusing elements of parallel world body swapping makes this movie hard to understand. But Fantasy element handled the story and kept everything at its place.

How the negative aspects were handled?

As i explained earlier the sudden skip of relationship development, shinkai did that deliberately because he wanted to show both characters forget everything after comet crash at the end and since they had slight memories of each other, they later search for each other and then meet at the end. This is what shinkai planned, he wanted them to start anew!!

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Also, Mitsuha did recall some of her old memories at the end, when Taki passed by her she literally cried and the reaction she gave when Taki asked her “did we meet before?” because there was only  timeline for her and chances are that she recalled some of the event and it was the same for Taki tears came out from his eyes to which means he recalled some moments of the body swap.

Wrapping up

Overall this movie was quite confusing one because i have to remember each and every scene and break it down to put this review together!! It was a good movie!! The movie had an happy ending which was unexpected but really thank god Shinkai didn’t pulled another 5 centimeters per second there…

Overall rating

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