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Kochikame Manga ending on 17th Sept after 40 years of serialization!!

Kochikame manga ending

Kochikame Manga ending It was Naruto first, then Bleach and now its time for Kochikame to end, Yes you read it right. Shueisha’s announced on Saturday that it will end its longest running MangaKochikame” on September 17th after 40 years of long running serialization.

Kochikame Manga ending on 17th September

On Saturday, Shueisha announced that “kochira Katsuhika-Ku kamearikouen mae Hashutsujo” also known as “Kochikame” Manga written by Akimoto Osamu is a police comedy manga which will end on 17th September in the 42nd issue of Shueisha’s weekly Shounen Jump Magazine.

The manga centers around the crazy adventures of a police officer named Kankichi  Ryoutsu who is a middle aged person who loves to play games, loves to do horse racing gambling all the time instead of doing his duty as a police officer. He rarely focuses on work and does all the crazy stuffs and always try do find some shortcut ways to become rich. He takes money from people in debt and rarely returns them, Basically kankichi Ryoutsu is a spoiled officer who rarely focuses on work and this manga features around all the crazy adventures and stuffs he do.

Akimoto debuted the Manga in Shueisha’s weekly shounen jump magazine in the year 1976 and is running till now. Its the longest running manga in the entire Shueisha’s history which has 199 volumes. The 200th volume will be shipped on September 17th when the Manga will publish its final chapter in the weekly shounen jump magazine.

KochiKame Anime
KochiKame Anime

Kochikame marked the start of Shueisha’s golden era which is been carried out further thanks to Manga like One Piece, Dragon Ball, Bleach and Naruto. Kochikame is more like an inspiration to all the Manga running on weekly shounen jump magazine which maintained a successful serialization streak from 1976 and now its going to end its long running streak in 2016.

The manga actually has 150 million copies in print as of June when the 199th volume was shipped. The manga inspired a 1996-2004 television anime adaptation and two anime compilation films in 1999 and 2003. Additionally, the manga inspired an anime special in 1985 and then various other anime specials that aired between 2005-2008.

The manga also inspired live action films in 1977 and 2011 and a live action drama adaptation in 2009.


Something big is going to happen in Shounen Jump now that its longest running Manga is ending. Kochikame marked the start of golden era which slowly began to end after Bleach and Naruto ended its serialization. Earlier i wrote an article discussing the future of shounen jump after bleach ended. Which states that the era is really going to change and the future of shounen jump will take some drastic turns which we can’t predict and Kochikame Manga ending is just proving that point!

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