Kodoku No Gurume

Kodoku No Gurume – Its awesome drama but it will make you hungry!!

Kodoku No Gurume – Cultures of Japanese people can be found in their movies and dramas. But there are not much dramas which shows reality of their lifestyle or real aspects of their lifestyle. While i wrote post on Top 17 Japanese dramas that you need to watch right now! I didn’t made another list containing new dramas as i promised because since then i haven’t watched much dramas.

However, that all changed one day when Anime like Chuuka Ichiban, Mister Ajikko and Shokugeki No Soma made me a cooking addict. I started to love food and even sometimes cook my own dishes, well obviously I’ve done it with the guidance of my mom 😀

So when i decided to watch this drama, i was skeptical at first but soon i got glued to it. Now i watch it anytime whenever i am eating something delicious. Because this drama is very dangerous as it can make you hungry as hell.


Inogashira Goro, a private merchant who personally runs his imported dry goods business on his own. Being a man of a few words, he prefers to live an uncomplicated, solitary lifestyle. He smokes but doesn’t drink alcohol. He also has a very healthy appetite. In between meetings with clients in various towns, Inogashira makes it a point to visit different eateries, try out their tasty dishes, and discover the best way to eat them. These eateries are real places in Tokyo serving the actual food featured in the drama. ~~ Based on Kusumi Masayuki and Taniguchi Jiro’s manga of the same name.

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Kodoku No Gurume Review

As this review depicts Kodoku No Gurume Drama is about a man named Inogashira Goro, who lives uncomplicated solitary lifestyle. As he runs a private merchant business, he has to meet his clients from various cities throughout Japan. Since his work involves too much running often after meeting with clients he gets hungry and decides what he wants to it. This series depicts the pleasure of eating or dining alone!

One of the best part about this series that it has no story! You will see Inogashira Goro meeting his clients and different people every episode which are truly interesting people and you will have fun watching their meetings. After all the work he does he always gets hungry and the carefully decides the food he wants to eat and choose restaurants and eateries according to the needs of his stomach.

Kodoku No Gurume - Season 5
Kodoku No Gurume – Season 5

This series lives on this motto “A man should eat food according to the needs of his stomach, timing and looks doesn’t matter. If you’re hungry you should eat.” Also the main character “Matsuhige Yutaka” does his job well as this show doesn’t have much of story to count on, So he doesn’t need to act much, he just need to go and eat the food! And man he knows how to eat the food deliciously. He eats with such a good face that watching him you will start to drool and get hungry!

So delicious Japanese food and other continental dishes are not the only happy torture in the series. Its Matsuhige Yutaka’s way of eating which is the real torture. You will feel envious once you watch him. Also the real best part of this series is all the shops, eateries and restaurants shown in the drama are real. Its not a set! Also the original author of this series Masayuki Kusumi will check the restaurant at the end of the every episode. This drama series has five seasons and two extra special episodes of 45 min each!

Wrapping up

There is not much to write about this show and this is just because the show doesn’t have story at all! Every episode you see the main character eat new dishes at various places throughout the entire Japan and this pattern continues till the end of all five seasons and two extra episodes.

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The drama is pretty fun to watch as you will see yourself smiling without you noticing it. Also you will learn a lot about Japanese people and their way of eating food and their culture and how Western and Indian culture is taking over Japan through this series. Which makes this series so special to watch!

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It will also make you food addict and may force you too cook your own food just like it happened with me. Every episode and every season you will see new dishes which will make you drool all over again but remember watch this drama when you are having lunch or dinner as this drama has bad habit of making people hungry. This drama is simple to understand as there is no logic needed. You can enjoy it with your family too!!

Overall rating

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