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Naruto Shippuden Episode 475 Review – Sasuke wants to be a dictator!

Naruto Shippuden Episode 475 Review

Naruto Shippuden Episode 475 – The final between Naruto vs Sasuke finally started, and am hyped for the battle! but basically the paced of Naruto shippuden episodes has returned to normal and every week only one chapter is Animated giving us more detail explanation regarding the story. This episode i.e Naruto Shippuden Episode 475 was no exception. It gave us a detail explanation and breakdown on Sasuke’s agenda and his ambition, and his twisted behavior. Also how he feels about Sakura!

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Basically he was trying to become savage beast in this episode but trust me he looks more emo now!

Naruto Shippuden Episode 475 Review

Now that the “Edo Tensei” kages are gone, Rikudo Sennin asks sasuke – “You want to become Hokage and change the world, I granted you my powers based on that but basically what you’re going to do? what’s your real ambition?”

Sasuke answers that he want to start a revolution meaning he will destroy everything and kill the current Gokages and will take over the world as dictator and change everything. Sasuke thinks that currently the five shinobi nations banded together to defeat one enemy and that’s Madara and Akatsuki.

Sasuke wants to destroy tail beast to because of their powers all war started, and if he were to destroy tail beast then Naruto also comes in his hit list and he will do the same with Naruto. Sakura also confesses that he loves him even though she can’t do anything for him! Sasuke says “What did she found in me, i did nothing for her.” And he puts her in genjutsu. Naruto asks why did he put her in genjutsu? Sasuke says later she will come after us and mess everything!

Well i know its fucked up but i think that its Sasuke’s way of caring for Sakura, saying you don’t belong in any of this so i don’t want you to come after us! Wow a pretty fucked up way of thinking right sasuke?

Naruto Shippuden Episode 475
Naruto Shippuden Episode 475

So Naruto and sauske take off to final valley and that’s where the battle will start. Rikudo sennin explained things to Kakashi, he said the “love also brings the risk of hatred. The sasuke we see today is because of the love he lost in the past and it was the same for madara.” So kakashi asks “does sasuke have same fate as madara?” Rikudo answers – “Nope that’s not true, both me and you would like to see better future learning from the past and such. That’s why i left power to both of them. The past is not there as a reminder of change, In fact its there to teach us a lesson.”

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Kakashi – “So what made you choose Naruto?” Rikudo – “Naruto befriended Kurama, Who was embodiment of hatred and that’s when i thought that i should leave all the things to Naruto. So this time hate will transform in to love instead of love transform into hate. More than that i want them to regain their lost love.”

So its clear that sasuke wants to become the dictator of the shinobi world. I won’t say sasuke’s reasoning is bad because his actions now, and his ambitions now are one of the possible solutions. Sasuke was all alone his entire life. It was the same thing for Naruto but later as he grew up he started gaining support, friends and trust of the people through his actions. So he thinks working together with everyone peace can be maintained and Sasuke being all alone things that dictatorship is the way to maintain peace.

None of the views/solutions of maintaining peace are wrong. Its the level of maturity they reached because they lived their own life according to their own ways. But one thing is clear, Peace achieved with Dictatorship can’t be maintained for long no matter what you do one day, a day will appear when everything will fall apart! Whereas peace maintained with everyone’s co-operation can be maintained for long period of time, even if something goes wrong there are others who will help you maintain the peace even your absence.

This is what Naruto vs Sasuke’s final battle and this Naruto Shippuden episode 475 is trying to say!

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Wrapping up

Overall this episode gave clear explanation of Sasuke’s ambition, goals and his agenda. But compared to the last week’s episode it was kinda meh…

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Overall Rating

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