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One punch man season 2 is now officially confirmed!!

one punch man season 2

One punch man season 2 – Till now we got so many fake news on One Punch Man getting season 2 but this time its happening for real, for those who have been following Otaku Vines for long time are aware of the fact that we won’t post fake news for gaining visitors. Before posting anything we thoroughly research and confirm every information and then post on our site!

That’s why some news updates takes long time compared to conventional sites like crunchyroll and animenewsnetwork. This time too we researched this news about One Punch Man Season 2 and confirmed its legitness and now we are informing it to you!

One Punch Man Season 2

The official website of One Punch Man – OnePunchManAnime.Net confirmed that One Punch Man Anime adapted from ONE and Murata’s manga is getting a season 2. The website also revealed a new key visual for the second season of One Punch Man Anime.

One punch man season 2 visual
One punch man season 2 visual

The staff and the cast of of One punch man season 1 announced this news of One punch man anime getting second season in the One punch man fall festival where they also announced that the Anime series will be getting a new smartphone game app next along with season 2. Here is the official twitter announcement!


The release date or premier date of one punch man season 2 anime series is still not revealed but for now we can be satisfied with the official season two announcement. But if the season 2 of one punch man is announced in fall of 2016 then most likely we will get new season in summer 2017, Although this is just an assumption on our part.

Finally once gain – This news is official if you don’t believe you can check it on also you can check out the official website given above.

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