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Orange TV Anime sequel film and manga confirmed – Watch Trailer

Orange TV Anime sequel film – The final episode ended on Sunday night and it was one hour special episode. The first part was featured the end of the series and the other part featured the interview of the main cast which include 6 members. The final episode ended with a teaser trailer that announced a theatrical anime film which will be the sequel for the original Orange TV Anime is now green lit.

The story of the film is written by the author himself and, the film is titled as “Orange – Mirai” (Orange – Future). Watch the teaser trailer of the movie below.

Orange TV Anime sequel film – Teaser trailer

The author gave following comment on this Orange TV Anime sequel film :-

I’m very happy that I’m able to see another chapter of the story in the form of a movie after feeling loneliness from the television anime series ending. The new story I wrote [for the film] is the final chapter I had originally planned for the series since I began serializing it with chapter one, but since I wanted to write it from Suwa’s viewpoint, I ended up not using it for the final chapter. This story is the future that Suwa and his friends didn’t get to see. This future that Naho and the others experience after receiving the letters is one that is also new to the 26-year old Suwa. I wrote it while listening to the theme song for the film, “Mirai.” Because I felt that the lyrics matched how Suwa watches over Kakeru and Naho so perfectly, I decided that there was no better title for the film than “Mirai.” Please watch the “future” that was made by each character holding the person they love precious. I’m looking forward to the movie!

Orange sequel Manga

Also this year’s November issue of “Futabasha’s monthly action magazine” announced that Takano Ichigo will launch a two-part spin off manga based on the original orange manga. This spin off manga of will focus on Suwa Hiroto. The Manga is titled as “Orange – Suwa Hiroto.”

More details

Spin off manga and movie retells the story from “Suwa’s point of view,” along with that the movie will also have a new original story written by author Ichigo himself. This new story will tell what happens after the Orange TV Anime and Manga’s end, which was not revealed to anyone even in Manga and Anime.

Orange TV Anime Sequel film
Orange TV Anime Sequel film

The original cast who worked on the Orange TV Anime is returning for the movie! and the band Kobukuro is contributing the theme song to the Movie titled as “Mirai.”

(News Source – Comic Natalie and Anime Now)

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